What Can I Use to Make my Tires Shine Every Day?

I recently got this question from my old man, “what can I use to shine my tires? They absolutely look old and pathetic”. Couldn’t help but laugh and tell him they just needed a thorough wash—considering he doesn’t occasionally wash them.

Just like my dad, most people occasionally have to deal with the problem of greasy, worn out, and brown tires.

In this article, I have compiled a number of commercial and homemade remedies to give your tires a shine every day.

But first things first…

Why are my Tires Turning Brown?

On a number of occasions, you may notice your tire sidewalls tend to collect a brownish color. This is as a result of an element commonly referred to as antiozonant that is added to the rubber during manufacturing.

The main reason for this element is to protect the tires from cracking and premature drying which results from oxidation.  Unpleasant as it looks, oxidation is a continuous process that can only be prevented through thorough cleaning of the tires.

Brown sidewalls of the bridgestone tires

Brown sidewalls of the Bridgestone tires

As the antiozonant finds it’s way onto the outer rubber surface, it comes into close contact with oxygen leading to the brown residue. It goes without saying, the element helps extend the lifespan of the tires as it helps in slowing the deterioration rate caused by oxidation. As a result, manufacturers are able to manufacture tires that can push you up to 10 years.

Is Tire Shine Bad for Rims?

Generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to apply any sort of tire shine on your rims. This is because it will collect brake dust which will then get stuck and eventually harden creating a bigger mess. Instead, you can try polishing them using M205 and wax. However, if you feel the urge to do so, why not? After all, the residue can be washed off using water.

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What to Look at when Choosing the Tire Shine

When it comes to choosing the best tire shine, the matter is subjective. However, here are my top three that have always worked for me.

  • Ease of application

If you are a car owner who doesn’t take car detailing as a task but a ritual, then ease of application should be an important factor before buying a tire shine. Essentially,  It should be able to match the amount of time you are willing to put in as if you don’t like to spend much time then a tire shine that is hard to apply may come as a big disappointment.

What can I use to make my tires shine

What can I use to make my tires shine

However, it’s important to mention that the easier the product is easy to apply, the higher the chances it won’t last long. To avoid this problem, always look out for products that are manufactured by established brands or otherwise you will have to trade-off the long lasting shine.

  • Gloss level

Respective tire shine products come with different gloss levels. Depending on whether you are using a water-based tire shine formula or the oil-based formula, the number of coats applied can vary which affects the overall gloss. Always check on the package instructions to determine what works best for your tires.

Hi gloss tire shine

Hi gloss tire shine

  • Duration

It can be heart-wrenching to spend a couple of hours slaving to bring out the best in your tires only for the shine to disappear after a day.

You want to purchase a product that holds for days if not weeks between applications.

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What is the Best Product for Tire Shine?

Here are 3 best tire shine products 

TriNova Tire Shine Spray

Trinova is the leading manufacturer in the tire shines niche. With this particular product, it comes in form of spray making it easy to apply at the same time reduce unnecessary spillages. That notwithstanding, its easy to use as you are only required to spray the tires, leave it to soak and it will finish the rest.

Even better, Trinova Tire Shine Spray is silicone based meaning it doesn’t damage your ties compared to what petroleum-based shines would do.


  • Tire shine will actually help repel dirt and grime as you are driving
  • Long lasting solution


  • Small in size

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CroftgateUSA Tire Shine

Croftgate is another great tire shine that works great in enhancing your tires look. It leaves a long-lasting look plus it also doubles as a shine for other plastic surfaces like the dashboard.

The product is easy to apply and free from harsh chemicals is it’s a petroleum-free shine.


  • Versatile as it doubles as a tire and dashboard shine.
  • Long lasting


  • Works best when applied using microfiber towels

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Want to learn more about this tire shine – visit the seller’s site

CarGuys Tire Shine

CarGuys Tire Shine is another great product that drastically enhances your tires once you use it. It comes in form of a gel and the shine can last you up to two weeks.

However, I have to put a caveat about this product: For better results, you need to thoroughly clean your tires before applying the product. This ensures that all the dirt undertones aren’t visible even after applying the tire shine.

Click here to get more information. 

What Else Can I Use to Make my Tires Shine?

That’s a great question. There are occasions where you may find yourself strapped of cash but still want your tires to look great. What home remedies can you use to give your tires that sparkle? Here are some great suggestion;

  • Baby Oil Tire Shine

Baby oil can be a great occasional tire shine. All you need are the following ingredients;

  • 1 Cup of Baby Oil (any brand can do)
  • ½ Cup of water
  • ½ Lemon squeezed
  • 2 Drops of dish soap
  • Spray Bottle


  • Thoroughly mix all the ingredients in a bowl and pour in a spray bottle.
  • Clean your tires and allow them to dry.
  • Proceed to spray your mixture on the tires.
  • Leave for some few minutes and wipe using a clean towel.

Can I use cooking oil for tire shine? You may ask.

Absolutely yes! You just need the above-mentioned ingredients but substitute the baby oil with cooking oil. Cooking oil has been shown to nourish rubber without rendering it dry.  Additionally, it leaves your tires a wet and glossy look just like any other solvent-based products.  While using oil, always avoid splashing the treads as they will make the tires slippery.

It’s also important to mention that the shine is short-lived as the oil’s stickiness will certainly attract excessive dirt than usual. As a result, your tires are left with hard-to-get-rid-off grime. Additionally, the excessive oil may sling to other parts leaving your car messy plus, it won’t provide UV protection. 

Some Car Tire Cleaning Tips 

  • Use the Approved Tire Shine Products 

Although there are multiple homemade tire shine products, it’s good to use the approved products specifically made for tires. This is because they not only enhance the appearance of the tires but also help protect them from natural elements.

  • Apply the Cleaner and Allow it to Sit for a While

Rubber is known to have a relatively porous material. As a result, once you spray a tire shine product on your tires, give it time to slowly seep for the grime removal process to be effective.

  • Invest in a Stiff Brush

Tires operate in harsh environment. As a result, they collect dirt and grime which gets deeply embedded on the surface. To get rid of all this mess, ensure you have a stiff brush to scrub the tires without spoiling them 

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Parting Thoughts: What Can I Use To Shine My Tires?

There you go, no more what can I use to make my tires shine questions. Maintaining car tires doesn’t have to be rocket science. With the above listed commercial and homemade tire shines, you shouldn’t have a hard time choosing the best. But as a final advice, I will recommend you the TriNova Tire Shine Kit.

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