Tools Needed to Change a Tire. Read and Buy Guide.

As a new car, bicycle, or tractor owner, you may be wondering about the tools used to change a tire. Tires are the most abused parts of any moving object. For this reason, they need to be constantly changed. A few decades back, you had to visit a garage to change your tires given the tools came with a steep price tag. Fast forward to today, this habit has been on the decline as most modern automobiles come fully equipped with a toolbox. With the toolbox, it becomes easier and it takes less time to change tires when faced with emergencies such as tire bursts. After all, what are tools for?

With that said, it doesn’t mean the repair shops don’t have a job, in fact, it’s highly advisable to take your car to a professional mechanic to mend the tire issue before it turns to a menace. This is because their tire changing tools technology are more efficient compared to the ones provided in their modern cars.

If your car, motorbike, tractor and any other automobile isn’t equipped with a tire changing tools, below are the most effective tools needed to change a tire for cheap.

They have been selected on the basis of quality and general dependability in serving the purpose.



Jacks and Tire Stands

Jacks have a vital part when changing tires. A car or tractor weighs too much for a normal human to lift. A Jack makes that possible. You can easily lift your car up and remove a worn out tire or have a clear vantage view on the bottom of your car.

There are many types of jacks which include scissor jacks, bottle jacks, bumper jacks etc. The scissor jack is quite popular with many people as its easy to use. It utilizes the technology of scissor mechanism to lift tractors and cars. A bottle jack, on the other hand, uses the laws of pressure (hydraulic fluid) to lift cars. It’s fast and more powerful compared to its peer the scissor jack.

Another must-have tool is the tire stand especially if you own a motorbike or a dirt bike. While changing your bike’s tires, you surely want to have a smooth time with it, a tire stand will eliminate the petty struggles and finger and hand injuries you go through while changing tire/s.

Gear /Torque/Lug Wrench

After lifting the car, the next step is unplugging the lug or wheel nuts. A special tool torque wrench is used as it’s humanly impossible to remove the tug nuts with your fingers.

The lug wrench is the culprit that ratchets back the nuts after repairing a car rim or tire. It also ensures the lug nuts are secured back to their respective bolts with the specified amount of force. This prevents them from snapping while driving. A lug wrench is surely a tool needed to change a flat tire or damaged rim.

A gear wrench, on the other hand, fastens the pace when you decide to change your motorbike’s tire. They come in different sizes thus you can get the one that suits your car or bicycle.

TIP: While purchasing a wrench, select the one that got a long handle. This is an advantage to itself since the longer the handle, the easier it becomes to exert force on the nut, whether you are removing or screwing back the lugs nuts. For the proper tightening force I can recommend buying a special torque wrench for automotive.

For the garage use, you can choose cordless or an air impact wrench from one of the recommended here.

Other Tools Needed to Change a Tire

If you decide to be a mechanic, there is a list of tools you’ll need installed in your garage, to give you an upper hand over your competitors. In fact, they are the responsible tools that ensure your garage is tidy for another tire changeover.

  1. Tarp/mat

It helps keep your clothes clean while you are kneeling to wrench those nuts out and torque them back.

  1. Reflective Triangles

As we’ll learn later why we change tires, you can experience a tire burst in the middle of the journey. You’ll require these road flares to alert other motorists to slow down or change their lane, so you can be safe while changing the tire.

  1. Tire Blocks

This tool ensures there is stability on your car or tractor even when removing the tires.

  1. Tire Pressure Gauge

It keeps you safe from another tire burst and it checks the air pressure inside the spare tire. You can release the extra air with it to balance it with the external atmospheric pressure. To choose one – read this first.

Why do we Change Tires

As we promised earlier, below we’ve explained some of the reasons why we change tires more regularly.

  1. If your tire has withstood the test of time, it’s advisable to change them after every five years. Alternatively, have a professional mechanic inspecting your car, tractor tires for more advice.
  2. Road conditions also play a huge part in how often you change the tires. Always ensure you check the road condition before hitting the gas pedal
  3. Ditching the basic tire maintenance programs such as checking for wear or damage, air pressure etc might lead to changing a tire. Always ensure that your tires are properly maintained to prevent them from wearing out quickly.
  4. Bad driving habits like quick starts, constant emergency braking, speeding on rough roads etc.
  5. The climate has a large effect on changing tires, driving in snow, and desertified areas conceive tire problems that automatically lead to changing the tires.

Final Take

Tires are the most loyal slaves on an automobile. They are constantly facing the wrath of multiple elements yet they enable us to reach our destination. “What tools do you need to change a tire?” is a festering question we always receive from most of our followers. Well, we hope this article answers all your questions and do not forget to find a decent compressor for your car tires.



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