Tire Shine on Plastic Trim. Bad or Not. Recomended products.

It’s pretty annoying to sit in a vehicle with your dashboard coated with dust or grime. Apart from being unappealing, the dirty dashboard could be a haven for disease-causing germs. To take care of this problem you can use tire shine to clean the plastic parts of your vehicle. Now, many will ask whether tire shine on plastic trim is safe. Yes, they are safe albeit you do need to work with a product that is specially formulated to clean specific interior parts.

With that said, silicone is the widely used element in making rubber or vinyl shiny. And most tire shines have large amounts of silicone that helps create the deep gloss look. Once the silicone residue continues to build up, it magnifies UV light which then accelerates the discoloration and other damages like cracking. As such, if you don’t park your car inside a garage or keep it under sunshades, you may want to reconsider using tire shine on your plastic trims.

Can i use tire shine on plastic trim

Can I use tire shine on plastic trim

It’s also important to keep in mind that most of the 2-in-1 products that promise to both clean and condition may not be as effective compared to using independent chemicals separately. And this applies irrespective of whether you are cleaning plastics, leather, paint, etc.

Applying Tire Shine on Plastic Trim

  • To apply a tire shine of your plastic trims, you need to ensure the surface is clean and dry. You also need to have a microfiber or foam applicator and of course, you preferred tire and trim shine.
  • Shake the tire shine and pour a little bit on your applicator.
  • Proceed to evenly spread the tire shine on the plastic trims to avoid any slings.

Today, there are multiple products vending on the market claiming to be interior or plastic trim cleaners. However, a good number of them aren’t suited to be used in your car.

Detailing tires and plastic bumper with a tire shine

Detailing tires and plastic bumper with a tire shine

To make your job easier, we have compiled a few nuggets to help you choose the best tire shine for plastic.

What to look for while choosing the proper cleaner

The Plastic Surface you are Cleaning

The surface you are going to clean is the major determinant when you are looking for a plastic trim cleaner. This is majorly so because different cars models are fitted with different interior surfaces and some feature aftermarket dashboard enhancements which may require you to use fabrics.

For this reason, it’s important and vehemently so to ascertain whether the product you choose is the perfect match for your surface.

Your best bet should be a product that’s formulated to clean various surfaces.

 Check the Ingredients of the Cleaner

The ingredients used in the manufacturing of a product should also have a major bearing in buying a product. A good plastic trim cleaner should be free from any harsh chemicals which can damage your car’s interior. It should also be eco-friendly and not harm your health.

Ease of Use

No one wants to spend countless hours just to keep their car clean. For this reason, you should look for a product that is easy to use. A good shine should require a simple spray and wipe.

Quantity and Efficiency

Although car cleaners aren’t necessarily the priciest maintenance products, you still need to get value for your money.

The quantity of the product inside the bottle should be reasonable to avoid back and forth trips just to restock.

Cleaning Ability

Your product may be safest and the most affordable product on the market. However, it would be useless if it just doesn’t work as advertised.

Before settling for a particular product or brand, ensure it meets all your cleaning needs.

4 Best Tire Shine for Plastic Trims

 Car Guys Tire Shine 

Whether you are looking to clean your tires or plastic car parts, this tire shine will definitely amaze you. The product has been formulated to get rid of dirt on almost every surface be it upholstery, plastic, and canvas.

It quickly dries out leaving no residues on the plastic parts, and it restores the deep natural colors without the glossy look. Even better, its free from any harsh chemicals that may damage your vehicle or harm your skin.

Thanks to its mild scent, it leaves the car interior smelling nice for days after cleaning. Lastly, it also comes bottled in a ready-to-use package and a free cleaning towel.


  • Cleans multiple surfaces
  • No greasy remnants
  • Appealing scent
  • Free cleaning towel


  • Nothing much

Chemical Guys’ InnerClean

It’s one of the cheapest cleaners on the market meaning you get to enjoy a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Chemical Guys’ InnerClean is also easy to apply and works on all surfaces. Once applied on your plastic trims, the product not only details but also protects them.

Manufactured using advanced UV protection, InnerClean prevents cracking and fading leaving your surfaces as clean as new.


  • Repels dirt and grime
  • You can vary the shines from high, medium, and low
  • Long lasting shine
  • Contains anti-aging formula


  • Nothing much

Meguiar’s G7516 Tire Gel 

Meguiar’s G7516 is a durable tire shine formulated with groundbreaking ingredients to ensure all your plastic trims are sparkling clean. It’s one of the few products that easy to apply and last for the longest time possible.

That notwithstanding, shine offers protection to your plastic parts against UV damage at the same time maintain a rich natural shine.



  • Protects your trims against UV damage
  • Long lasting performance


  • The gel is a bit on the thick side

Black Magic 800002220 Tire Wet Foam

Black Magic helps turn you chalk-like faded plastic trims into decent looking parts without spending a fortune. It triples as a cleaner, shining agent and a protective layer against damage.

The product is formulated using special ingredients that ensures the foam sticks to respective parts on which it’s applied to reduce all the slings.

The easy to spray bottle has an excellent coverage which not only reduces time spent on application but also reduces unnecessary wastage.


  • Easy to use
  • Long lasting
  • Residue-free shine


  • Nothing much

Final Thoughts. Can You use tire shine on Plastic?

As you can see, tire shine on plastic isn’t harmful at all. However, you need to pay special attention to the particular product you are using as it may not be compatible with whatever surface you are dealing with. You also need to ensure that the surface onto which you apply the product is clean to prevent any unwanted dirt undertones.