The question answered: How to know what should tire pressure be when it is hot in summer for my car.

A common question is what tire pressure should be in summer? This is because during the summer the temperature of tires increases a lot faster. The heated air inside the tires then expands and its pressure will, therefore, rise rapidly. If this pressure rises too high then it will be disastrous because the tire would blow out. The sound is almost like an explosion. So your probably wondering what should the tire pressure be for my car?

When its summer and that hot weather has you putting on the AC in the house you have several things to do and that you need to check on in the hot weather. If you have children you have to leave the windows in the car open due to overheating. You also have to make sure the HVAC unit in your home is tuned up to handle the heat in summer.

What should tire pressure be when it is hot

What should tire pressure be when it is hot

When you have the car come in from the lot or manufacturers. The tire pressure is often for cold tires. This just means that the car was not driven for several hours before the pressure measurement was taken. This measurement is best taken in the morning and in the evening when the pressure outside the tires is the same as the one inside the tires. This leaves the normal ambient temperature of the tires as +20 degrees Celsius.

What should the tire pressure be when hot?

During the daytime when the outside of the tire is slightly higher than the temperatures inside the tire. If you have driven the car then you should not measure the tires at this time. The air generally gets warmer with time after driving the car. If you reduce the pressure of the tires at this time and then you leave it to cool then you will have the pressure way lower than the recommended pressure.

Tire Associations recommend that you should not pressurize a hot pressure tire. This is because the pressure could be 20% higher than the cold tire pressure. The cold pressure is the pressure given by the manufacturers.

When the temperature increases by about 10 degrees Celsius then the pressure in the tire will increase by about 0.1 bar. This is generally is the change that occurs in ambient temperatures even when the tire was not driven.

Tire pressure growth in summer

Tire pressure growth in summer

Sometimes checking the pressure of the tire before making any changes is the best way to handle the heat in summer. The best time to check the tire pressure in summer would be in the morning.If you measure the temperature in the morning at +20 degrees Celsius and the pressure is optimum do not worry about switching things up. If you find that the pressure is high then leave it till temperatures drop and the pressure will be optimum.

If the temperature of the outside environment rose to +40°C then the pressure of the tire is 2.2bar and this should not be lowered. This is the best tire pressure in the summer.

This is just a general outline of the things you need to do in order to have the pressure at the right or optimum level. The values that we listed are by no means universal.  You will need to use the manufacturer’s main instructions and recommended pressure. You can try and put the measurements you make into a table and then use our examples to manipulate the required pressure to your specific tire pressure. Remember that tire pressure in winter vs.  Summer differs greatly.

In order for you to know when you need to either increase or decrease the pressure of the tires, you may need to do the following.

These are the steps that will try to avoid tire pressure inflation in the summer

  • Do not release the air in your own tires.

If you suspect that the tires are overinflated then seek the help of a professional. You should be able to find someone qualified at the gas station or local garage. The reason for this is that you may let out more air than is required and then find yourself with low-pressure tires.

  • Double check the recommended tire pressure in summer.

One thing you cannot do is change the recommended air pressure in the tires as an example, the recomended pressure for the Atturo AZ800 and AZ850 tires might be different. The manufacturers have several reasons why they set the air pressure to a certain standard. Going over or below the set pressure limits may lead to a ruptured tire. This could cause a minor to a fatal accident if allowed to happen.

This is the one thing you just have to do. Getting ready for work means passing by the station and getting your pressure checked. If you do not check on the tires then you will end up with over inflated wheels during summer.

An experiment was carried out on two tires to see how changes in the outside temperatures affected the pressure. The tire that was placed in the shade rose by 4.3% whereas the tire that was left in the sun had an increase by 14.3 %. Even at this increased inflation, you should not reduce the pressure because you would have to re-inflate the tires in the morning.

So now that you know you are supposed to check your tire pressure and how to manage the problem of over inflation then you will need to find the manufacturers recommended tire pressure.

This is generally a sticker with the tire pressure information on it. Information on this can mainly be found in the owner’s manual that comes with the car. You may also find the same information on a placard with the tire air pressure indicated. You may also have the info on a sticker in different places in the car.

The most common areas where you will find some of these stickers:

Air pressure door sticker

Air pressure door sticker

  • On the door jam.
  • On the glove box door.
  • On the vehicle door edge.
  • Inside the trunks lid.

These are just a few of the areas to find the tire pressure information. Ensure you do not drive too fast or for long distances without checking the tire pressure in summer.

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