The Best Microfiber Cloth Towels for Auto-Detailing. Short Review

So, you’re looking to detail your car like a professional? Well, who wouldn’t want to!

If nicely detailing your car is important to you, then you probably know by now that you need a few things to do so. Perhaps, one of the most important elements is a cloth, but not just any cloth, you’ll need a microfiber cloth for auto detailing.

Choosing Microfiber Cloth Towels for Auto-Detailing

The Best Microfiber Cloth Towels for Auto-Detailing

Microfiber cloths are superior for cleaning because of a variety of reasons. They’re effective and versatile under any climate and humidity, as well as being resistant to wear, and they’re also ultra-soft and non-abrasive. Each strand of a microfiber cloth is shaped like a star, which is perfect for cleaning, contrary to the tube shape of cotton or wool towels!

With that said, what is the best microfiber towel for auto detailing? In this article, we will address what makes a microfiber cloth good, and we will review some nice articles that can help you obtain that professional finish for your cars.

Best Microfiber Cloth for Auto Detailing

Alright, let’s get down to what are the best microfiber towels for auto detailing.

As usual, we’re going to discuss a few points we should evaluate before making our decision.

Ideally, we want a cloth that is absorbent enough to trap all grime, dirt, and other particles without leaving ugly streaks behind, we also want a cloth that is thick and absorbent enough to soak many times its weight in liquid, and lastly, we want a cloth that does all this for the smallest amount of money.

So, let’s split our criteria in:


The magical number of absorption is about 8 times the towel’s weight in liquid, so we shouldn’t settle for lower than this, in fact, we’re going for the highest possible! If that’s plausible of course.

The ability to soak liquids is important, be it water or wash, we’re detailing our cars so it’s important everything is dry and polished!


Some cloths are so thin that they’re almost see-through and let me tell you, that’s terrible!

We’re looking to mop down all grime, dirt, and particles! We will need the thickest cloth to withstand all the mopping, moreover, a thicker cloth can trap in more of the dust, meaning that cleaning would be faster and easier.

It’s important that the cloths are soft too though, thick and stiff and you might scratch your coat, but we won’t be reviewing anything that can harm your car, so don’t worry!  It is very important if you are going to make you tires shiny.


My philosophy in life has always been “more for less” and when it comes to money, I think it’s safe to assume we all think the same, way. These cloth towels are often sold as packs because they will face heavy use and wear, and most of the time, you will use a different cloth for different stuff.

Some cloths can get really expensive, and because this is a product that might eventually face replacement, it’s not wise to shell out a lot of money on it.

What Microfiber Cloth for Auto Detailing to Use?

1.Chemical Guys’ Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel

The Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel earns its “professional” status by bringing you a 16×24-inch scratch, lint and swirl-free quality towel to satisfy all your detailing needs!

Its competitive price, effective cleaning, and ease of wash make this towel a strong choice.


Absorption 8/10

This premium cloth is very absorbent. It features two nap sides, one short and the other high. Use the high side to wipe away dust, while you use the short side to remove pastes, waxes, and sealants.

Thickness 9/10

Super-soft and durable, this cloth’s lint, scratch, and swirl-free properties allow you to thoroughly wipe away every nook and cranny of your vehicle without risking scratches. The edges are silk-banded to further reduce the chance to scratch paint.

Price 7/10

Despite its high quality, Chemical Guys’ towels come at the affordable price range of $12 to $22 for the pack of six. As usual, the lower the better, if you manage to find a good sale of these!  

Final Verdict: 8.0

Chemical Guys’ products never disappoint, and these microfiber towels aren’t the exception. If you’re looking for a quality, affordable towel, there’s no way you can go wrong with these! This one mey be perfect for cleaning tires before the plasti-dip procedure.

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2.The Rag Company’s Professional Edge-less Super Plush Microfiber Towel

The Professional Edge-less Super Plush Microfiber Towel comes as an edge-less, tag-less premium 16×16 inch cloth with over 350,000 fibers/square inch!

Scratch, lint, and swirl-free as the industry demands, this towel is great for quick detailing as well as complete detailing.

Absorption 7/10

Absorbent enough for all but the heaviest washes, these towels will soak up just above enough most of the times. They’re particularly better at waterless washes, but they’re also great for use with quality detailing sprays, waxes, and polishes.

Thickness 9/10

Long, soft, thick, and packed with thousands upon thousands of fibers per square inch. This cloth will last for hundreds of uses, and it will trap dirt and grime like it was nothing to boot.

Price 9/10

Coming as a real steal at a  good price range  for six towels, it almost makes you feel bad for paying so low for such a great product, nonetheless, don’t lose your chance!

Final Verdict: 8.3

When it comes to cloths and towels, colloquially referred to as rags by some, it’s not surprising that The Rag Company delivers high-quality products. You won’t face any kind of regret for buying any of their towels, that I can assure.

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Meguiar’s X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Cloth

The X2020 Supreme Shine Microfiber Cloth comes as a plush wipe off towel capable of producing show car tier results on anything between paint, glass, plastic, and chrome.

This thick, dual-sided microfiber cloth will help you achieve mirror-like results in no time without swirls or scratches!

Absorption 7/10

Absorbent enough for most workloads you might face, Meguiar’s cloth can absorb most washes with ease, allowing you to evenly polish away your chemicals with gentle swipes.

Thickness 10/10

The towels are thick with deep, dual microfiber piles that are plush and perfectly capable of producing show car results with mere gentle swipes.

In contrast to poor quality towels, Meguiar’s towels have a deep nap that allows them to soak chemicals buffed from the surface.

Price 7/10

With a fair price for three towels, it comes as another affordable solution for all your microfiber needs!

Final Verdict: 8.0

Great all around, Meguiar’s products have a long streak of hit products that are quickly becoming mainstays of car detailers, pro and hobbyists alike!

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The Best Microfiber Towels for Auto-Detailing

The Best Microfiber Towels for Auto-Detailing

So, what is the conclusion

Definitely a tough going! All around, these products satisfy all your needs. There’s no way you can go wrong with either, but there are a few things we can mention in this segment to help you make a choice.

If you’ll be going heavy with the car washes, Chemical Guy’s towels might be your best bet, given their outstanding absorption!

If you’re looking for the ultimate scratch-proof towel that comes with the lowest price tag, The Rag Company’s towels got you covered just right! It will do it’s best for cleaning the brake dust away from  painted and powder coated rims.

If you’re looking for the best wipes in terms of finish and ease of use, Meguiar’s towels can help you out, especially in case you are  in need of best quality and  quick detailing!

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!