Spikes-Spider vs. Thule K Summit review

Hi there, this article will be discussing Spikes-Spider vs. Thule K Summit review. I will be discussing Spikes-Spider which will include everything you need to know. I will also dedicate a section to Thule K Summit Snow Chains review. This section will talk about everything you need to know about Thule tire chains.

Snow Chains: Introduction

Snow chains are made up of chains lined together designed to be wound around the tire to give it better traction in snow. The ideal surface for snow chains is snow, ice, and any frozen surface. There are many designs of snow chains. Some are pretty simple and easy wrap-around tire chains – this is held in place by tensioners. There are also chains that follow the thread pattern of a tire when mounted on the tires. With these types of snow chains, vehicles with little wheel clearance can have access to snow chains.

Snow chains have the capacity to perform excellently on snow, better than snow tires by digging into the frozen topic. They perform better than studded tire as well as control and traction is usually easy. When driving with snow chain, high speed is not recommended.

It is important to know that not all tires can be used with snow chains. However, your automobile dealer can help direct you on what to do. Your vehicle manual can also be of tremendous help in knowing if snow chains are recommended. Snow chains could result in damage to tires made for soft rubber compounds.

Some Common types of Snow Chains

Snow chains are the best tire traction device one can get. It is, however, important to know the kind of snow chains that fit your car perfectly. Whether you desire the Thule K Summit snow chain or you prefer the Spikes spider snow chain, it is pertinent to select the right type of snow chain. This will make it last much longer than winter tires.

  1. Peerless Tire Chain

If you need a simple and easy to install to install tire chains, the peerless tire chains are the bets. They come with a self-tightening ratchet which makes it pretty easy to install and remove in a few minutes. Users will enjoy a good snug fit which is recommended for trucks and trucks. If you have no technical knowledge whatsoever, this is a good fit for you.

  1. Automatic Tire Chains

Being an automatic tire chain, it is very easy to install. It is a good and recommended tire chain in that it can be engaged even while the vehicle is in motion. As a result, it requires no technical effort whatsoever to mount the automatic tire chain. It is ideal for many vehicle tires and gives good traction.

Quick fit Snow Chains

There are also the quick fit snow chains. It is recommended and best for people who are likely to drive on snow and ice more often. The best quick fit snow chains give users the needed traction and the ability to turn when necessary.


Spike - Spider VS Thule K Summit tire chains

Spike – Spider VS Thule K Summit tire chains

The quick fit snow chains are one of the best automatic snow chains available. With a foot lever, the snow chain automatically snaps on. It is easy to operate and very fast, snaps on in less than 10 seconds.


As assured at the introduction of this review, I will give a detailed analysis of Spike Spider review. Spike spider tire chains are usually made with tungsten carbide-tipped studs or first-class stainless steel chain. This gives the needed durability and grip. It gives the needed traction needed for optimum performance on deep snow, steep terrain, mud etc.

Spike-Spider tire chains

Spike-Spider tire chains. Click the image to learn more.

Spike spider torque is minimal and ideal for use in most vehicles. There are various ranges of spike spider features which give outstanding performance with minimal chance of failure.

Spike Spider Chain Design and Versatility

Many vehicle tires do not have adequate clearance between the back of the tire and the suspension components. Spikes-Spider takes care of this by reducing the extension behind the tire to allow it take care of zero clearance.

Spike Spider tire chains come in a range of sizes that can be adjusted. This makes it fir various rim sizes. It can also be easily used among vehicles with similar size

Simple and Safe to Use

The Spike spider is one of the easiest to use as the driver can fit the entire four wheels in less than 2 minutes. With the spike spider snow chain, you reduce the likelihood of skidding. The products are designed to give a perfect fit. It is difficult to get an incorrect mount. It also features a self-aligning capacity to guard against readjustment.

The chains of the spike spider do not grip the tires. This makes the vehicle safety system intact and fully engaged while in use. This is of tremendous benefit to the user as safety was specifically built into the product.


If you have a small SUV and any type of car, the Thule K Summit is a perfect choice. The Thule K summit k23 is one of the easiest snow chains to fit in the market. It comes with a superb quality and strength which is easy and quick to fit.

The Thule Kong K summit comes with an interesting ratchet system which fits into one of the wheel bolts giving a tight fit. While driving, the Thule K Summit has the ability to self- center hence; you do not have to fit the chains around the bottom of the tire.


The Thule snow chain ensures that all vehicles can have a perfect fit, no matter the clearance. This is a welcomed development as many vehicles these days are coming with low profile tires and small suspension clearance.

Thule k-summit tire chains

Thule k-summit tire chains. Click the image to choose your size.


Some features of the Thule K Summit alternatives are:

  • Suitable for cars and small SUVs with 0 mm clearance
  • It does not make contact with the wheel hence, cannot damage the alloy
  • Fits automatically while driving
  • Smooth running and superb traction on snow and ice
  • Recommended with vehicles that comes with ESP traction control and ABS brakes


What Parameters to Compare

This Spikes-Spider vs. Thule K Summit review will also discuss the parameters to compare in choosing the most appropriate snow chain

  1. Size: The fit of the snow chain with your tire is very important. As a result, you could choose one with sizes almost that of your tires. A big snow chain will not give the needed traction, while a small one will not even fit!
  2. Installation: Your choice of snow chain is such that it should be easy to install. You should not have to be an expert or be seeking fir a pro to install your tire chain.
  3. Price: Many people chose their snow chains based on price. It is however recommended that one give quality a major preference in choosing a snow chain rather than the price. Bear in mind that a snow chain that will give good traction will not likely be cheap.
  4. Durability: The best tire chains should be durable. In other words, they should not wear out over the years, no matter how frequently you use it.
  5. Link pattern: The Spikes-Spider and Thule K Summit snow chain all come with differing patterns. The different patterns have their benefits. Diagonal link pattern is best for slippery ground, while square link gives good traction and is durable.

Tire Chain Alternative Models


Inno makes its snow Chain out of polyurethane. Their snow chains are so effective that their products are made with the Toyota Motor Company. Their products give a firm grip and can be used for a thousand kilometers before wearing off. Their tire chains contain carbide studs which give maximum efficiency. 

  1. MAGGI Group

Asides snow Chains; they produce another type of chains like crane lifting chain and anchor chain. Some of the best snow chains from Maggi group are the TRAK and ONE snow chain. With the TRAK tire chain, the snow chain can be mounted without any special tool. The ONE snow chain comes with a special self-tensioning system. With elastomer balls, it maintains the tightness of the chains.
  1. Security Chain

Security chain is a trusted snow chain brand that caters for SUVs and light trucks. These snow chains are easily installed and the user enjoys full traction support on the icy road. It is ideal for navigating snowy conditions.


This article has examined Spikes-Spider vs. Thule K Summit review. We have explained the distinguishing features of each snow chains. The most important factors to be considered while choosing snow chains have also been considered. As for me, I like Thule K Summit products.

Indeed, snow chains could be a lifesaver in snow or icy conditions. This guide will help you chose the most appropriate one.