What ‘s The Best Way to Apply Tire Shine? Secret tips

There’s surely a lot of way of applying tire shine, but you’re certainly looking for the best way to apply tire shine, so let me chime in with a few pointers to set you in the right direction.

First of all, you need to get tire shine you want (they’re also known as tire dressings), and these can be separated into three types:

How to apply tire shine

How to apply tire shine

  • The first one is the spray type, these are, as implied aerosols; they’re generally cheaper and effective, but unlike the other two types of dressings, these are mostly about getting your tires clean and good-looking, while you might desire to get some extra benefits such as longer lifetime or protective film. Some of the best tire shine spray products are reviewed here.
  • The second one is the foam type, they come in the form of cans that spread a thick foam that starts acting once it makes contact with the tires, the intense action rips dirt away and penetrates into your tires, leaving a protective layer that shields your tires against harmful elements.
  • The third one is the gel type, these are, as implied in the form of gels; they’re generally more expensive than spray and foam dressings, however, these often last longer and further protect your tires, while being a bit hard to get on your tires.


If  you do not know what to choose – read this artile first.

Once you made your choice about tire dressings, we can get into applying it!

How to Apply Tire Shine

Before using any tire shine we need to prepare our tires for it, so start by preparing a suitable cleaning solution (such as soapy water) and set about removing all loosened dust, dirt and grime from your tires, this will ensure that your dressing goes straight into your tires without having to battle that external layer of dirt.

Rinsing the tires with water, then spreading the soapy solution with a sponge, followed by drying off the excess water should be your first step, generally, dressings work best on just a bit wet tires, however, that might change with specific products, so always read the labels!

Even if  you know  all secret ways how to make your tires shine,  remember that applying the tire shine is a different beast altogether, so let’s break down how to apply each type of tire shine!

How to Apply Tire Shine Spray

You apply this type of shine pretty much like you would apply a spray paint, hold it down and spray your tires evenly with it, I’d recommend, however, utilizing an adjustable nozzle or spraying a cloth/towel and spreading the product on your tires.

How to apply tire shine spray

How to apply tire shine spray

It is important that you don’t get it on your wheels as it could stain your paint, if you do get it on your wheels you have to wipe it away! Once you let it dwell for a few minutes you should give it a last wipe to ensure the spray is absorbed and evenly spread.

The benefit of using spray tire shines is that getting it spread on your tires is super easy, and the product itself is usually cheaper.

How to Apply Tire Shine Foam

Foam works on its own, you just shake the can and then spray away at your tires, it’s usually better to use foam applicator, however, an adjustable nozzle works too! Foams generally work the best on wet tires, and once you let it dwell for about 10 minutes you should give one last wipe down with a towel/cloth.

How to apply tire shine foam

How to apply tire shine foam

With foams, it becomes more important that you clean your tires before applying the chemical, otherwise you diminish its potential.

Foams work on their own and they’re more or less in the same price range of sprays, which is nice!

How to Apply Tire Shine Gel

Gels function a bit like foam does, however, applying it isn’t as straightforward as with sprays or foams. As these can’t just be sprayed on your tires you must manually coat your tires with it, and I personally recommend utilizing a dedicated brush for it (more about applicators and brushes below).

How to apply tire shine gel

How to apply tire shine gel


Using a brush for applying gels is quite easy, you just got to coat your brush with the gel and then proceed to dress your tires thoroughly with it, this method is great because it saves product (and headaches)!

How to apply tire shine gel to rims

How to apply tire shine gel to rims

Gels often leave a much longer-lasting effect on your tires, and they also coat your tires with a protective film that shields them from harmful agents such as UV lights or iron deposits that end up corroding or damaging your tires.

Best Tire Shine Applicators

Recomended Tire Shine Brushes

I told you about brushes in the last segment, so let me pick up and continue.

Brushes are great and offer an advantage over spray applicators because they’re efficient, gone will be the days of wasting more product than what you need to.

If you’re using a spray, just spraying it directly in the tire and then working it around the rest of the tire with the brush will do the trick, and if you’re using a gel, coating the brush and dressing the tire will do.

Brushes are often within the low-price range, from $3 to $10.

These recommended products can be useful if you want to clean and polish your chrome wheels.

Tire Shine Pad

Similar to brushes, pads function as a mean of spreading your dressing with maximum efficiency, but contrary to brushes, foam pads are better for spreading sprays and creams or foams, as it holds them better, given its flexible foam you can clean all sort of tires regardless of grooves or threads, and it’s easier to wash!

Pads are often within a low-price range, from $2 to $8, even the premium ones.

Tire Shine Tanks

If you’re a prospective or professional car detailer, you probably know already how much one can spend buying hundreds of spray cans, bottles, pumps, sponges, brushes, and etc.

If you’re looking for a suite of tire dressing goodness, a 3-gallon tank applicator is your choice, these are composed of a few parts, the tank, which is pressurized, the brush (which is often soft and flexible, allowing you to clean all sorts of tires in all sorts of vehicles, and lastly the hose, which is often long and flexible, giving you plenty space to work.

The price for these is quite high, they range from $190 to about $380, but a good one can settle you for a few long years of car detailing, if you’re just a car owner who cleans a lot, you probably shouldn’t get this, but if you’re a professional, then getting one might save you a lot of money down the road, as the pressurized nature of the tanks allows you to save staggering amounts of product while delivering the same, beautiful, result.

What are the best ways to apply tire shine

What are the best ways to apply tire shine

How Prevent Tire Spray From Getting On To Rims

Simply use Rim spray cover as shown in the Youtube video:


From spray dressings to gel creams, from humble brushes to mighty tanks, cleaning your tires is a specialized process, and if you want to deliver proper care and maintenance for your tires, you’ll definitely have to make a choice, hopefully, this review helped you find what option works the best for you!

Good luck dressing your tires!


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