How Often Should Tyre Pressure Be Checked?

Knowing how often tire pressure should be checked is crucial in ensuring that the tires last longer. The incorrect tire pressure can lead to poor mileage, tire blow-out or uneven tire wear.

One can, however, prevent this from taking place, it is crucial to maintaining the proper tire pressure. You ought to check the pressure all the time you go to a gas station to ensure that you acquire the most out of your tires. Tyres usually provide a vital link with the road and if the link is properly-maintained helps us steer, accelerate, and corner as well as the brake.

How Often Should Tyre Pressure Be Checked

How Often Should Tyre Pressure Be Checked

The best thing about checking as well as maintaining the correct inflation pressure is that it is easy as well as free. Many are times, the fuel stations typically have a pump to inflate and check your tire pressure, and with no charge.

Important Things to Consider While Checking and Inflating Tire Pressure

  • Pressure capacity and volume – usually, the recommended tire pressures are shown on a sticker that is attached to your car’s body hence you only need to check.
  • The type of pump – Simply because the pump is electric, it does not mean that it is compatible with all inflatable. There are the low types of shoes as well as the little pressure/high volume and high pressure/low volume pumps.
  • The Vehicle – different cars will have different volumes of pressure requirement may be due to their varied functions hence it is also crucial to consider.
  • Time periods – It does not matter what tires do you have AZ800 or AZ850, one should check tire pressure at regular intervals to ensure it is always at the right volume. A less pressure than required can lead to your car tire wearing out whereas more pressure than required can make your tire burst.
  • The tire air pressure ought to be checked every once in a month and when the tires are cold. Normally, the tire pressure can vary from 1-2 pounds per square inch for every 10-degree difference in the ambient temperature.


Inflation wear

Inflation wear

You should also consider checking the pressure in case:

  • You run over a sharp object
  • You weather changes suddenly from warm to cold
  • You strike another object or a curb

There are various methods of checking car tire pressure and each with their importance.

Service Stations

Almost every service station has a pressure pump that you can use to check and inflate your tires. They are typically easy to use and done in just a short while. However, the service station gauges may be relied on although they are subject to misuse or abuse and they can as well vary from one station to another. They may not be that accurate hence it may not be advisable to completely rely on them.

The very best method through which you can make sure that the pressure is accurate is by checking them with your gauge. Buying your gauge is not expensive. They can easily be carried in the glove box hence you can maintain the pressure at a constant level. It is quite essential to have your gauge as you can check the pressure at any time or place when the need arises.

Checking Tyre Pressure before Long Trips

Typically, the recommended tire inflation pressure is based on the tire is ‘cold.’ However, this is not to say that the ambient air needs to be a certain temperature, but it means that the tire has not been warmed up by:

  • Being driven for more than a mile
  • Warmed by the increasing day temperatures
  • Being in contact with a hot pavement
  • Being in sunlight for a long time.
How to check tire pressue on the road

How to check tire pressure on the road

Your tire gains or loses 1PSI for every 100 F change in atmospheric temperature. This, therefore, means that if we check the pressure in the hot afternoons, we might be running low pressure during mornings when the air is way cooler. The best time therefore to check tire pressure is in the morning hours before you embark on a long journey. This ensures that you are reading. Hence you can then properly inflate your tire to avoid any future complications.

Checking the tire pressure in Summer?

During summers, there is a risk of over-inflation hence it is crucial to mind your PSI to ensure you get the accurate tire pressure for your car. The ambient temperature usually has an impact on your tire pressure, and this might compromise your car’s safety and handling. It is good to ensure that you regularly check the tire pressure on a regular basis and when your tires are cold.

Ensure that you inflate up to the recommended PSI but not up to the maximum. Even, if you might think that your tires are over-inflated, you should have a professional tire technician inspect them. You should avoid letting air out of the tires on your own this may lead you to let out too much of the air when the tyres are hot which results to under-inflation when the temperatures get cooler.

What about winter?

There are a lot of misconceptions that can lead to significant issues for your car about tire pressures on various seasons. First of all, it is quite important to have the correct PSI for your tires that is recommended by the manufacturer. Regardless of the time of the year, you ought to regularly check, at least once every month, and maintain the recommended PSI for your car and this works to ensure that you get a smooth ride, tire durability, fuel economy as well as enough safety.

Winter checking the tire pressure

Winter checking the tire pressure

People may say that you should run different tire pressures during winter season compared to the summer season, but this is just a common misconception. You ought to maintain the required PSI amount to ensure your safety as well as that of your tires. Checking tire pressure often is recommendable whatever the season it may be hence you should adapt to this system.


Having said all that it is now time to wrap it all up. It is good to note that having your special tool that you can use to check for the tire pressure as well as a compressor to inflate tires to ensure that you do not get stranded when you require these tools but you are away from a service station.

It necessary to take not is that you should never run on either under-inflated or over-inflated tire but the appropriate PSI should be maintained. And this is crucial to ensure proper maintenance and durability of the tires. Hopefully, this review has been of much help to you, and you are now more aware of how to go about the care and maintenance of your car tires. You should also know that by maintaining a certain amount of pressure; you will also be focusing on your safety from accidents. Therefore, it is crucial for you to know how often should tire pressure be checked.

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