Meguiars Tire Shine vs Black Magic Tire Wet

Let’s be real for once, how seriously do you take car tires while washing your car? Do you treat them as an afterthought or as an integral part of your car? If you are honest enough, they are treated as the former. However, proper cleaning and maintenance of tires not only gifts your car with that extra pop but also prevents brake dust from accumulating and potentially damaging them.

For a thorough tire clean and shine, you need a great product that leaves the tires as good as new.

In this article, we are going to compare Meguiar’s tire shine vs Black magic tire wet to help you choose the best ally for your tire maintenance.

What is a Tire Shine?

Tire dressings are products that are applied on the tire’s surface to enhance their look by making appear shiny, clean and new. If you are a car enthusiast who occasionally visits detailing shops, you may have noticed your tires come out extra shine. This is as a result of using tire shine dressing.

Given the fact that tires are in constant interaction with the road, they suffer major distress from the road tar, water, dirt, brake dust, grime, salt, and UV rays. Tire shines help in protecting your tires from these elements and many others.

Types of Tire Shines

Basically, there are two types of tire shines.

  • Solvent-based tire shines
  • Water-based tire shines

Solvent-based tire shines have the reputation of lasting long when applied to the tires. They work by coating the tires with a silicone oil coat that fervently repels water leaving them with a wet finish.

Meguiars Tire Shine vs Black Magic Tire Wet

Meguiars Tire Shine vs Black Magic Tire Wet

Water-based tire dressings utilizes natural oils fused with polymers that result in a greasier satin finish.  However, the shine usually doesn’t last long although they are much safer compared to solvent-based dressing.

Let’s first have a look at Meguiar’s tire shine gel

Meguiar’s Tire Shine review

Meguiar is one of the best tire shine manufacturers there is on the market and they didn’t disappoint in the development and manufacture of Meguiar Hot Shine. Using a proprietary formula, the manufacturer developed a product that leaves your tires ridiculously shiny.

Meguiar’s tire shine gel is glitter and metal flake free which results in a truly genuine pop. It’s formulated using special ingredients which allows the shine to level-out instantaneously getting rid of streaks and uneven application marks.

You will also appreciate the fact that it’s the only self-spreading product on the market which reduces the runs, drips, and over-sprays. The ingredients penetrate the rubber surface rejuvenating, nourishing and conditioning your tires leaving them as good as new.

To save you time, Meguiars hot shine tire foam dries in a snap meaning you don’t have to spend hours waiting to hit the road or even fear that the tires will collect dirt.


  • Effortless application
  • Long-lasting
  • High gloss shine
  • Highly protective coat
  • Reasonably priced


  • Strong odor
  • Small quantity

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Black Magic Tire Wet review

Black Magic Tire Wet is another great product that fervently works in giving your tire a “photoshopped-like” shine. It comes in form of a spray and gives your tires a wet and glossy looks thanks to the high polymers and molecular silicones formula.

With black magic tire shine gel, the shine can push you through a month without necessarily having to reapply. To sweeten the deal, the product has a simple application formula as it comes in form of a spray. As a result, the unnecessary wastage, oversprays, and dripping are reduced. Not forgetting to mention the fact that it really dries quickly.

Lastly, you have the ability to control how glossy your tires appear. For a minimalistic gloss level, you need to apply the tire shine to a sponge and then applying to the tires. For an overreaching finish, the product should be directly sprayed on the tires.


  • Affordable
  • Easy application
  • Glossy shine
  • long-lasting


  • Occasionally results in streaks

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Final Thoughts. What is better: Meguiar’s tire shine or Black magic tire wet

After looking at the particulars of this Meguiar’s tire shine vs black magic tire wet review, it’s hard to outrightly call out a winner. However, going by the reviews on Amazon, Meguiars hot shine tire spray is a darling to many car enthusiasts. Although this decision is subjective, it’s definitely a valid opinion as there is no way people would flock to a product with seeing benefits. With that said, this review isn’t about forcing a certain product down your throat. It’s an eye-opener to help you look at the two products, compare the attributes, and choose what works for you.

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