How To Use Green Slime Tire Sealant To Surpass Other Methods – Full Honest Review

Time being a scarce resource has made companies and individuals come up with a smart way of sealing tires that are involved in punctures. Although the method might seem to be not effective, it helps save a lot of time for people who are in a hurry or getting late for some errands. Welcome to the era of slime tire sealants. Tire sealant refers to a fluid that is tailored to repair minor punctures in cars and other machines` tires. There are many tire sealants but slime has proved to be unsurpassed of all sealant. Here we’ll talk about how to use green slime tire sealant for the best results.

How slime-tire sealant works

This is how the slime tire sealant works. The sealant being a fluid, can spread into the tread area of the tire, forming a coating on the tire. When the tire is punctured, air starts to escape from the tire. As the air escapes, it pushes the slime sealant with it to the puncture, clogging it completely. The sealant is made in a way such that it solidifies instantly on coming to contact with air from outside the tire and this is why the puncture is contained within a few minutes. It has helped solve minor punctures and manufacturers are back in the labs to find a better solution that will rid the tires from bigger problems.


There have been complaints from many people, some genuine, others made up without any evidence. The big question being if slime tire sealant is safe. The sealant, just like any other product in the market has its shortcomings. They include the following;

Slime tire sealant freezes when the temperatures fall below zero degrees centigrade. This makes it dangerous to drive during winter especially if the sealant was not evenly distributed. The vehicle could lose control and result to an accident.

Harmful to health. There have been complaints that the chemicals used in the manufacture of some sealants are harmful to people especially if inhaled.

Companies are now striving to offer better tire sealants in the market and that is why the competition has been stiff, right from the experts to the wannabes. Potential buyers of slime sealants have been asking how their lives will improve when they use the slime tire sealant compared to other sealants, and this brings the question; how good is slime tire sealant?

Safe and easy. Slime tire sealant is not rocket science and even amateurs can use it without hassle. All one needs is to apply the slime sealant on the inside of the tire and they are good to go.

Diversity. The slime tire sealant is not limited to cars alone. It can be used in other machines such as small trailers, motorbikes, riding lawn mowers and other non-highway machines.

Instant Results. Slime-tire sealants are very effective since it repairs punctures for widths of up to 6mm instantly. This makes it very reliable compared to other sealants.

Durability. Slime-tire sealant is very durable, thanks to its chemical components. A tire that has been treated with slime-tire sealant can last up to 2 years being intact.

The above cases show how this sealant can help save resources such as time, money and labor.

How to use slime tire sealant on a bike

A common topic of debate is on whether slime tire sealant can be used in bike tires. This question ranks very high in Google search.

Slim Bike Sealants

Slim Bike Sealants

The earlier version of sealants was not meant to be used in bikes, but the Green slime is now meant to be used on bike tires. Also, it can be recommended (as well as some others) for ATV and UTV tires.

How to treat the tire

This is a step by step on how slime-tire sealant is used in the treatment of tires as a precaution for any puncture that may occur.

  • Remove the valve core. This is the core that connects the tire to the rim of the wheel. Removing it ensures that the sealant can be applied easily and effectively.
  • Apply sealant. The can containing the sealant has a nozzle. You insert it to the rim and squeeze the can to let the sealant in.
  • Insert the valve-core back. You insert the valve core back and add pressure back to the tire.
  • Drive. This ensures the slime is evenly distributed in the tire. If the tire is impaled by an object, the escaping air from the tire pushes with it the slime, which now blocks the puncture.

If the tire is punctured before the tire is treated this is how the tire is treated with slime

  • Remove the valve-core from the tire.
  • Deflate the tire completely. This makes it easy to spot the object that might still be trapped in the tire.
  • Remove the object, if any in the tire.
  • Squeeze the slime into the tire. This spreads throughout the inside of the tire.
  • Inflate the tire. This makes the pressure of the tire to increase and prevent the slime from sticking to the inside of the tire.
  • Drive for about 300 meters. This is a test to ascertain if the sealant has blocked any opening in the tire.

With the market being flooded with many manufacturers, it is hard to tell who is genuine and who is not. The cons are becoming smart every day and it is therefore advisable to buy from authorized dealers of tire sealants. However, this article has researched and come up with the seven best slime-tire sealants in the markets.

  1. Berryman Seal R. Thisslime can be used on both tube and tubeless tires.
  2. Slime 70004 Power spair
  3. Stan`s NoTubes. The ideal slime for cyclists
  4. Fix-A-Flat Ultimate 1-Step
  5. Orange Endurance. It covers the whole tire including the sidewalls.
  6. LiquiTube
  7. Ride-on M/C. It is ideal when it comes to wheel balancing.


The slime-tire sealant retails between $5 and $30, so it is really affordable for many people.

How to use green slim tire sealant

How to use green slim tire sealant

Do not have enough money – prepare the tire sealant yourself. Here is the proven recipe.

Bottom line

Slime-tire sealant is the ultimate solution to the myriad of problems that people and even institutions are exposed to. It has passed the acid test of being reliable, cost efficient yet friendly to different people alike. It has outperformed the competitors` products and is spreading like bushfire globally.

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