How to Plasti Dip Rims Without Taking Them Off

Plasti Dip has become very popular, as it is a great and cost-effective way of temporally changing the look of your car, it has its uses on other things such as tools or equipment that will withstand wear and tear.

Sometimes if you do not have a good torque wrench or an impact wrench it makes sense to apply Plasti Dip  without taking the rims off the car. And it   is perfectly safe, as it can be easily peeled off, but when using Plasti Dip on your rims, you still don’t want to coat your brakes, and that means you’ll need to mask some parts.

Doing so is particularly easy if you unmount your wheels, but if unmounting your wheels is not an option, I got you covered!

How to Plasti Dip Rims Without Taking Them Off

How to Plasti Dip Rims Without Taking Them Off

There’s really no difficulty increase if you apply the Plasti Dip while your wheels are still mounted, but you’ll need to spray at different angles, as you can’t just tilt over the whole car!

Alright, time to get started. Let’s get on the materials first!


  • Plasti Dip of your choosing. If only going for 4 regular-sized wheels, 4 to 6 cans will be more than enough.
  • OPTIONAL Any Plasti Dip Enhancer you’d to like to use.
  • Painter’s tape.
  • 1 or 2 decks of cards.
  • Plastic bags.

Alright, once you got all the materials you need, let’s get these rims Plasti “Dipped” shall we?

Simple plasti dip steps

Simple plasti dip steps

Plasti Dip Process Instructions

  • Clean your wheels thoroughly! No dirt or grime can be on your rims when you start coating the product.
  • Shove some cards between rubber and rim.
  • Roll cards around the edges of the rim. Tape them into the tubes, and then slide them over the lug nuts.
  • Shove the plastic bags inside the rim to protect brakes, you can also tape it if you want an extra layer of protection (literally!).
  • First coat: Arced, even passes of spray while moving. Be mindful that you don’t spray with the can standing still, keep moving to avoid thick spots or drips! The first coat should rest about 10 minutes. Don’t forget to spray from all angles and especially focusing the outer edge.
  • Second coat: Once the first coat has been given some time to rest, proceed with the second coat. Repeat the process, lightly layer another coat. Let it rest 10 minutes.
  • Third coat: Once the second coat has settled a few minutes, layer the third coat. Let it rest for 10 minutes.
  • OPTIONAL Fourth coat: If you want even more definition, go for a fourth coat!
  • OPTIONAL First and second coat of the enhancer: If you want to apply some enhancers, go for it! A glossifier works wonders.

Should you make any mistake during the spraying, there’s no need to fear! Peel it off!

tear off plasti-dip

Do not like if – tear if off!

You can use your own nails, or a flat-headed screwdriver to break the surface of the Plasti Dip. Try to pull it like a string, and the continue to peel around the rim. Breaking the Plasti Dip will leave behind an unscathed finish, ready to be coated again!

If you notice any excess or “thick spot” of spray, you can rub it off with a microfiber cloth or sandpaper, although I recommend using a cloth to avoid scratching the product off the rim!

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!

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