How to keep your tires black and shiny?

Many people buy a car without seeking to know how to keep tires black and shiny. Yet, black tires and shiny car tire is necessary for a healthy car. A lot of people just thought the car manufacturer picked a dull color – black as the color of the car tire. However, a black car tire plays specific roles.

Black tires are cool

Although car tires vary in color and are available to everyone, it is not suitable for everyday use. While the black tire is dull and boring, it is reliable and makes the car tires durable. This is why it is good to know how to make tires shine black.

How to keep your tires black and shiny

How to keep your tires black and shiny

The black tires consist of a chemical called “carbon black.” The essence is to keep the tires protected against damage from ozone and UV rays. These rays cannot corrode the tires as the tires absorb them and convert them to heat. The carbon black has been found to prolong the life of tires hence it is used.

Thus, when ozone rays from the sun strike the chemical and molecular bonds of the tires, it makes a tire weak. This reduces the damaging effect of the tire’s expansion and contraction making it safe and durable!

How to take care of  Your Tires

It is not enough to know how to make your car tires shine. It is important to learn the right care and maintenance tips for your tires. Taking care of your tires will not make you replace them soon hence, increasing its durability. There are many ways you can take care of your car tires and learning how to use black shoe polish on car tires as well as how to shine tires with household items are part of it.

How to take care of your tires

How to take care of your tires

If you take care of your tires, you will enjoy good traction. This translates to safety for you and the passengers. Some tips to take care of your tires are

  1. Regular Inspection: This will allow you to detect wear and tears as well as any damage that could be costly.
  2. Ensuring Correct Tire Pressure: Driving with the wrong tire pressure will not give you optimum performance. Thus, make it a habit to check tire pressure regularly as changes in weather make the pressure fluctuate.
  3. Be Careful of load Index: In order words, avoid overloading the tire. There is a maximum weight your car tire can handle according to the manufacturer. With overloading, the tires are prone to overheating and wear which destroys the tire.
  4. Avoid Excessive Speed: Excessive speed puts too much pressure on your tire. Drive at a moderate speed; you will get a tire with long life.
  5. Use Your Spare Tire: You should desist from managing any damaged tire. The right thing to do on noticing any damaged tire is to take it off and replace.

Various types of Products for Tire care

Ranging from professional to homemade products, there are many products that are helpful for people seeking to know how to keep their car tires black and shiny.

  1. Oil based products

One of the most common products employed to make car tires shine black is oil-based products. Under this category, we have many products like the vegetable oil tire shine and some others like baby oil, castor oil, and lemon oil and even brake fluid oil. Oil-based tire shine helps nourish the tire without causing dryness.

Also, oil gives the tire wet and glossy looks which makes it shine.


  • It is a pretty cheap alternative
  • It is friendly to the environment


  • The tire can get dirty because the oil magnetize dirt
  • One could get a tire dirty in less than a week
  • It doesn’t give the tires the needed UV protection

Here is a good list of our recomendations for choosing tire cleaning products for everyday use.

  1. Water Based Products

If you are seeking how to make tires shine at home, you could attempt water-based products. Water-based tire shine product gives a nice finish and they are friendly to the environment


  • It gives a shine that lasts longer
  • The solution is not greasy hence, doesn’t attract dirt
  • They possess the capacity to prevent UV rays from damaging the tires


  • The non-biodegradable type is not friendly to the environment

Read about the best water-based products here.

Top Tire Shine Products

If you are seeking for how to make your car tires shine, there are many products available in the market that can help you do accomplish this. We have picked the top three products and given our honest review.


If you are looking for a reliable product to make your car tires shine, the GRIOT’S GARAGE 11146SP TIRE SHINE is a trusted one. It is easy to use as all you have to do is spray and wipe with a soft cloth.

When the spray dries out, you will be surprised at how shiny and black the car tires are. One of the best things about this product is that it can work perfectly to shine the dashboard and other painted parts of your car. It is also very cheap.

We, however, do not like the fact that after spraying, you will have to wipe off the product from the tire.

Here is another review of this product with real customer reviews.


Made by TriNova, it is an easy tire spray product recommended for everyone seeking for how to make car tires shine black. Pretty easy to use as all you have to do is spray the product and allow it to do the rest.

The TIRE SHINE SPRAY BY TRINOVA is a silicon-based product. This means there is a little damaging effect on the tire, unlike petroleum-based tire shine products.

This product is great for your tires because it makes it durable, helping your tires stay black and shiny for a long time. It also does not attract dirt while driving

Click the image above to read more reviews of this product directly from the seller.

One of the cons of this tire shine is that it protects your tire more than it shines it. Thus, it is a good product for everyone seeking how to make car tires black but not shiny.

Want some more reviews of this product?  Click here:

  1. Chemical Guys TVD 107 16 Shine Dressing

Here is one of the best and most versatile products that can help you to keep your tires black and shiny. It works well for all types of tires and brings out the shiny characteristics of black tires. No matter the condition of your tire, Chemical Guys TVD 107  really helps in taking care of your tires and keeping them black and shiny.

Not only does it make car tires shiny and black, but it is also a versatile product as it applies to dashboards, fading plastic car parts and vinyl internal surfaces.

This is one of the best tire shine product due to the extra protection it gives tires against UV rays. Besides, when it dries out, it gives a non-greasy finish which is excellent for preventing dirt.

The recipe of the DIY method

If you are looking for how to make car tires black at home, you can try the homemade method. It is cheap and safe, economical and can be made from basic household items used in the kitchen and bathroom.


  • Clean water
  • Alcohol
  • Mild soap
  • Two buckets of warm water
  • Castor oil
  • Strong hand brush

With a few drops of soap in warm water, you can scrub the tires with a strong hand brush

After scrubbing, spray with alcohol to get rid of old polish and the remaining dirt

A simple FAQ on Shinning Tires

  1. What is the best product for tire shine?

There are many tire shine product available in the market. However, the best tire shine product will give the needed wet look, making the tires last longer. Some of the top tire shine products are:

  1. Is tire shine bad for tires?

Tire shine that comes in can spray does form a foamy solution that leaves a wet like shine surface. If it comes in an aerosol can, it is not good for your tires. Petroleum products are not friendly to the tires.

Here is a good article:  Does tire shine ruin or damage tires.

  1. Can I use vegetable oil to shine my tires?

Vegetable oil among others can be used to shine the car tires. Other household tire shine products are baby oil, brake fluid, lemon and castor oil. Natural oil is particularly good as it gives the needed nourishment for the tire without drying it.

  1. How do I stop my tire shine from slinging?

The following steps are helpful in stopping your tires from slinging

  • You need to have really clean tires
  • Before applying the tire shine, make sure they are dry
  • Allow the tire shine to rest for some minute
  • Get the excess off and dress it to prevent sling


To enjoy your tires, it is best to keep them black and shiny. This post has discussed the many ways you can keep your tires black and shiny. Even with homemade products like sugar water tire shine and vegetable oil tire shine, you can take care of your tires.

Take care of your tires by learning how to keep the tires black and shiny, and it will definitely take care of you



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