Homemade Tire Sealant: All You Need to Know, How to make and The Ingredients Needed

Over the past few years, homemade tire sealant has gained a massive following. This is because the high cost of tire bike replacement have seen bike owners spend way beyond their budgets. In a bid to drive these costs down, they are looking for every possible way to save. What a better way to do than to avoid tire repair costs by sealing your tires at homes.

Many will argue that there are tubeless tires. However, despite their presence, most bike lovers will admit that they still get flat tires even with such tires.  It is on these grounds that we opine that regardless of the tires you use, you will need sealants in case your tires flatten.



Manufacturers have been parading a lot of tire sealants which can you can buy. However, if you are strapped of cash, you need to be equipped with a homemade sealant that saves you time and money.

In this article, we are going to give you a DIY recipe for homemade tire sealant and all the ingredients you need. 

Homemade Tire Sealant for Bikes

Let’s be true for once, flat tires suck. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a spare tire, a puncture may leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere – or even worse, carrying you bike on your bike instead of the other way round. Homemade tire sealants have been around for a number of years with some loyally performing better than the manufactured peers. As you’ll get to see, this isn’t the “eBay-special option occasionally spamming your inbox. Depending on the type of puncture you are facing, this should tug the strings— and most importantly, help you reach your final destination.

Apply the sealant to the tire

The easiest homemade tire sealant ingredients are as follows

  • Water-based Glue.
  • Black colored rubber dust.
  • Kitten’s drinking bottle.
  • Tubed tire.

How to Make Homemade Tire Sealant Foam

  • The firsts step is to mix the glue and water in a small kitchen bowl.
  • Whip until the mixture is consistent.
  • Add the rubber dust and continue mixing. Once the texture starts feeling like a conventional sealant, pour in your bottle.
  • Directly apply your homemade sealant to the holes and you are good to hit the road.

 Does Homemade Tire Sealant for Tubeless Tires Work?

Let’s give credit where its due. This concoction works great. With that said, there are multiple people out there who have been able to come up with their own variations. Needless to say, this is the internet and many people will pretty much disagree on what is the best variation and what works best.

So, you shouldn’t take this as the final word when it comes to homemade tire sealant. If you feel ambitious and want to inject your own tweaks, slight variations are worth considering.

Homemade Tire Sealant Expiration

This homemade recipe is one of the easiest to make since all the ingredients are easily available and cost a fortune.  Unfortunately, the lifespan is quite brief since you are dealing with glue which dries up easily. To ensure you don’t incur unnecessary wastages in terms of unused sealant, avoid mixing excessive ingredients. After all, you can always prepare another mixture in case it isn’t enough.

Homemade Tire Sealant versus Adhesives

Compared to adhesives, the homemade tire sealant is a clear winner for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s not only friendly to you but also to the environment. The materials used are cheap and easily accessible in the local supermarket.

Adhesives, on the other hand, they are manufactured by corporations that pay little attention safety as they use ethylene glycol which is considerably cheaper but equally toxic.

Can the Homemade Tire Sealant Be used on Rv?

Absolutely yes! This homemade tire sealant can be very useful when you a driving an RV experiencing a small hole or a slow leak. If a tow seems too expensive, why not try this? After all, it’s much easier than trying to change a tire.

However, if your tire is suffering from a more serious encounter, you may have to visit a repair shop.

How About a Homemade Tire Sealant for Atv?

Question: Would you rather spend a fortune buying a new tire rather than easily fix it?

If you happen to be busy to deal with a flat ATV tire, chances are that you are also too busy to deal with a costly replacement.

Just like the case of Rv’s, you can use this sealant to save time and money at the same time extend the lifespan of your tires especially if the puncture is as a result of thorns, screws, nails, or barbed wire.

How To Squeeze More Out of your Tires

The key to having long lasting tires solely lies in how well you take care of them. Frequently check the pressure and any dents on the tire surface to determine whether they need repair.

Fewer leaks and dents mean lesser flats, durable tires, and less money spent. 

Final Take

Here, we like to say, “DIY till we die”.  If you are fed up with the increasing frequency of flat tire and having to change them more frequently than you change your underwear, this is the way to go. This homemade tire sealant is a typical “guerrilla way” of staying on the move and will perhaps motivate you. We also recommend you to look towards professional tire sealants.