2017 Extreme Atturo Trail Blade M/T Tires Review

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If there is one market that is flooded with options, it is the off-road tires market. Come on folks! Companies are spending billions to have a piece of this pie and trying to cut out a niche for themselves. The choices are endless and landing a good off-road tire can be equated to fishing in a swimming pool and expecting to catch a shark. Yes, it’s that hard.

Extreme Atturo Trail Blade M/T Tire is one of the most aggressive tires in the market. It features cutting-edge design drawing inspiration from Quartermaster Knives Karambit blades. If you are looking for outstanding performance and hardcore elegance for your SUV OR 4×4 vehicle, this will be of absolute interest to you.

Although similar to the Toyo MT (one of the best in this class) I have noted some few distinct features that separate the 2 brands. But before I even consider buying tires, I always make it a point to look at the pros and cons of each brand before tugging my wallet.

Pros of Extreme Atturo Trail Blade M/T Tires:

Outstanding performance for off-road:

Gone are the days where good off-road were regarded as a luxury. When I bought my first car, I visited a tire dealer to check out off road tires. I wanted to jump out the window going by the quotation the guy gave me. Thanks to the extra-large shoulder blocks, higher void ratio, and a “humpy” center tread the tires will make an enormous difference to your off road ride.

Good ride quality of the tire is worth describing:

With a convex like surface, the Atturo trail Blade M/T Tires have limited contact with the road surface, this makes sure that the ride is not accompanied by a deafening sound as a result of the rubber aggressively rejecting a handshake from the tarmac ensuring that your ride is as smooth as like that of a diplomat.

Tread wears evenly.

With these tires (well at least for me) the least of my worries is peeping to check on them only to find uneven wear. That can be disheartening especially when you have a long ride to pick your blind date.

It is on of the best  budget-priced tire

For the folks living in the first lane, you should be half-baked not to check out this king of the Road. I mean with the current economic pinch, a dollar pinched is an extra income. The price of these tires arranges from $205 to$260 depending on where you buy them. I am not the greatest advocate for compromising quality for the money. But (with a capital B) if you can get both qualities and save an extra dollar why not?! Atturo tire prices are often the best. Atturo AZ850 or Atturo AZ800 is a good example of a fair tire price.

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Cons and Problems of  Atturo M/T tire:

I would sound biased if I scored a goal on my opponents side and leave my goal post unmanned. I mean I am human, and with a keen eye, I discovered one demerit of this tire. It is not the best in crawling a rocky terrain. Yes, I said that. I know ardent fans of these tires would want to throw a stone, but I am not trying to shovel this opinion down your throats, but that’s my honest opinion. In a democracy, the minority have their say while the majority carries the day. In this case, I am the majority since I am writing from my experience (That’s confusing right?)

Atturo Trail Blade M/T road noise

I have met many off-road tires regulars complain about the noise that emanates from tires while in action. The engineers of Atturo Trail Blade M/T Tires had this in mind. To counter this, they came up with an excellent design incorporating dynamic 3D computerized simulations, systematically adjusted shape, size and the direction of the treads.  It also has beveled center treads and contoured channel. As a result, Atturo tires is 35% quieter than your mainstream off road tires. This is in comparison with Nitto Mud Grappler.

Atturo trail Blade M/T treads life and depth:

The dual layer treads ensure superior traction, and they are reinforced with a high turn up construction that conquers heat buildup and extra reinforcement increasing puncture resistance. Depending on the tire size, the tread depth ranges from 19/32″ for the LT 265/75R16 size to 20/30″ for the LT35X12.50R20 size. Additionally, the two extra nylon layers with jointless technology ensure high-speed sturdiness. This is fused with inbuilt stone throwers effectively kick out debris stuck in between the treads increasing traction.

Atturo trail Blade M/T tread wear and PSI:

Tire sizes

I have used these tires on my jeep, and they have never disappointed. Both on-road and off-road they have always performed outstandingly. I don’t know about other users, but I noted they were lighter compared to the trail grapplers. With approximately 3000 miles, the wear is even. If you are wondering what PSI I run on here is the drill. I started with doing a chalk test on my off-road jeep; at 26 the markings were conspicuously present on the outer edges of my tires. I figured out that I would comfortably work with 28.

Available tire sizes:

Atturo Trail Blade M/T weight and  warranty:

Since the Atturo Trail Blade M/T Tires comes in different weights, it’s only fair to spare my fingers from typing and allow me to give you the least amount of weight and the highest weight. The LT 265/75R16 comes with a diameter of 31.9″ and weighs approximately 53.9 lbs. As for the LT 37X13.50R22, the diameter is 36.8″ and weighs 81 pounds.

Tried and tested under controlled conditions the manufacturer ensures that as a final consumer of this product you will get value for money. Even better your tire can be replaced by the manufacturer if they deem that the product does not satisfy you as a result of their poor quality or use of derelict materials in the course of manufacturing it.

Trial Blade MT for Ford F150 video review:


Don’t say I didn’t tell you. There are myriads of benefits that come with these tires starting with aggressive but appealing looks. The unique knife- blade physique is not for beautification purposes but for providing an unmatched grip.

Some other brands may present the same line-up at an even higher cost. With the Atturo Trail Blade M/T, you are guaranteed of exceptional grip and handling whether in wet or dry conditions. Bottom line it has earned a spot in the table of men among its peers in this category.

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Oficial Atturo sitehttp://atturo.com/


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