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Choosins the best bicycle tire cleaner isn’t just for show. Ride after ride, you might experience that your bike feels sluggish and heavier, and it is usually because the wheels get ridden with mud. Once mud dries, it becomes like cement, and once you start moving you start shooting dry mud shards everywhere, which can be even worse if you store your bicycle on your car or indoors. So, the regular procedure of  cleaning your bike tires as well as pumping them and chechking the pressue is extreemley nessesary.

In this article I will try to show you how important is the procedure of washing the bike tires, how easy it can be. Also, I advise you to read our reviews of the top rated portable tire compressors  and some electric bike pums  to find a proper one for yourself.

Best bike tires cleaning solutions

How to clean bike tires

At first glance, you could try to wet your bike with your garden hose and try to remove the mud by using a stiff brush, but that takes forever, so you might start thinking about a faster, better option, so let me chime in some suggestions to make your cycling life easier, just remember to take into consideration what type of tires you’re using for your bike! Of course, if you have a car, you may use one of the best automotive tire cleaners.

You’ve got a lot of options to choose from for cleaning your tires, from handy, adaptable brushes to special bike washes, so just choose what fits you the best!

Evaluating what is the best bicycle tire cleaner

Before choosing what is the best bicycle cleaner for you, let me give you a quick rundown of how to clean dirty bike tires:

  • first you should use a rag to wipe the rims, referably dampened with a bike wash or any (safe) cleaner,
  • then you should proceed to inspect your tires, looking for any apparent wear,

You might feel alright cycling but you’d be surprised what kinds of damage can your tires sustain without you noticing it; if you spot visible threads or deep sidewall cuts, you probably should switch your tires.

  • once the inspection is over, it is time to wipe or brush your tires, preferably after dampening them with either bike wash or water, as this will make any sticky dirt or mud become malleable.
  • after all you can apply one of the best tire shine solutions, that doesn’t sling off – click to choose one.

If you don’t have any degreaser and you wish to clean some of the dirt, consider using a bit of alcohol with a rag to remove the spots.

Now, let’s evaluate what bike tire cleaner you should pick; we’re going to do this with the following criteria.


While buying specialized equipment sounds (and feels) awesome, a product that helps you perform more than one task with equal or just a bit less of efficiency is usually superior. If you’re okay with having a single brush specifically made for your tires, go for it, but if you’d prefer to down to birds with a single stone, be sure to pay attention to how versatile your product is.


Cost-Effective ratio, this is paramount when buying chemical cleaners, as you probably wouldn’t want to spend above $15 on an 8oz cleaner that will last about 3 to 4 cleaning sessions.


The end goal is to make things easier, so you need to choose a product that will make you spend less time and effort to clean.

What Bike Tire Cleaners to Use

EXCOUP’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush

The ESCOUP’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush brings you Swiss Army knife levels of versatility when tasked with cleaning. The main strengths of this item lie on its ergonomic design, effective brush and compact size.

Versatility 9/10
Without a doubt, the brush’s design makes it (as advertised) perfectly appropriate for cleaning all kinds of tires, from an SUV to a small bike, extending its usefulness to other things like bumpers, rims or even your kitchen sink.
Price 5/10

Even with a steep price, this brush comes expensive for what it is, so you should only get it if you expect to use this item for more than cleaning your bicycle tires. Otherwise, there are cheaper options.

Efficiency 7/10
With its many uses, durable (and gentle) bristles, and spot-on size, this brush acts as a very effective household cleaning piece, the more chores you do with this brush, the more benefits you get from your investment!

Final Verdict: 7.0

Despite its steep price (when considering it for a strict, bike tire cleaner) the undoubted efficiency of this piece for the many cleaning tasks, for all things tires and even inside your household, EXCOUP’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush is a great pick when you’re looking to solve many problems with a single item.

Look for more bike cleaning brushes on

Finish Line’s Super Bike Wash Bicycle Cleaner

The Super Bike Wash Bicycle Cleaner offers a suite of benefits for bikes, something much more attractive for the hardcore biker than the casual one, but if you’re that type of biker, you’re not going to find something more versatile for your wheels.

The main strengths of this cleaner lie on its complex formula that allows it to expel all dirt from your bike while doing 0 harm to the delicate parts.

Versatility 7/10

While it’s only limited to your bike, this chemical helps you clean the entirety of it, allowing you to easily clean your bike with a single application, and the best part of it is that the chemicals destroy all kinds of destructive deposits left from the elements, extending your bike’s lifetime.

Price 8/10

With a generous price  for 33.8 oz. (1 liter) coupled with the bike wash’s efficiency, you’re going to get a lot done with a single bottle, I’d recommend cleaning after every 3rd ride (or 2nd if you’re adamant against dirt) just to make the bottle last for many seasons.

Efficiency 9/10

With this handy bottle, you’ll be leaving your bike with a crisp, fresh and clean look, and without too much effort (if any at all), in fact, it is so good that you can just spray, leave it a few seconds and then hose it off, finishing with a gentle scrubbing, and you’ll be good to go!

Final Verdict: 8.3

With an outstanding cost-effective ratio, and its large suite of cleaning goodness, this chemical wash is brilliant for cleaning all your bike, not just your tires, and that makes it much more attractive as a cleaning option, and it would allow you to save money on brushes, as even a cloth rag would do the scrubbing just fine after applying the chemical.

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White Lightning’s Tire Cleaning Brush

The Tire Cleaning Brush is White Lightning’s wand against dirty tires, with its stiff and adaptive brush, you’re guaranteed to fit this brush for your tires while performing a thorough cleaning of all mud, debris, and dirt from your wheels.

Versatility 6/10

Due to its shape, and its purpose, it can only do a single thing, but it does it impressively, and that’s brushing your tires!

Price 10/10
The surprisingly low price of this brush, and its respectable performance and durability will return you the investment by lasting many seasons without apparent damage.

Efficiency 7/10

While a bit of scrubbing will be needed, this will definitely get the dirt out, no doubt in that, and it can actually be faster than conventional stiff brushes thanks to its forked head.

The strength of this product lies in its low price and reliable cleaning.

Final Verdict: 7.6

Cheap, compact, and effective, what’s more to ask from a mere brush? This brush is a no-nonsense easy and direct way of banishing dirt from your bikes, making your wheels feel lighter and agiler.

White Lightning’s reviews from Amazon customers

what to clean bike tires with?

The best solutions for cleaning bike tires


If you’re looking to clean many things, including your tires (and not limited to just your bike’s tires) and you don’t have good brushes in your house hold, EXCOUP’s Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush is a solid Swiss Army knife of cleaning, if you’re a bike aficionado, and you want to bathe your bike in cleaning goodness, then pick up a bottle ofFinish Line’s Super Bike Wash Bicycle Cleaner and spray on, if you just want to get that dirt out and nothing else, White Lightning’s sleek Tire Cleaning Brush got you covered.  For cleaning the black bike wheels – read this review.

Hope you find what bike tire cleaner out the best for you!

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