The best snow chains for 4×4 light and semi-trucks

Winter comes with its challenges which are vast. The major challenge for most drivers is snow, however, I know you are asking yourself do I really need to stop driving during the winter period? If you are thinking of such – don’t because what you only need is to buy the best snow chains  4×4 truck. This will help with traction during the snow period.

snow chains for 4x4 light and semi-trucks

snow chains for 4×4 light and semi-trucks

So, you have to put the snow chains on all the tires of your vehicle.

Do not know when and why? – Read this information first!

For safety, you have to put chains on all tires. Don’t just put them on the front tires or rear because your car is a front or rear-wheel drive.

Not all vehicles can be fitted with snow chains but most can. So, before purchasing one you have to look at your tire measurements.

Below are the best snow chains for your trucks or SUV’s.

Best snow chain for 4×4 light and semi-trucks

Having the best snow chains for your truck will give you the best experience while driving during the winter season and also assures you safety. However, you must know which snow chains are good for your truck.

This is many drivers don’t know how to differentiate them. They also come in categories such as:

  • Entry-level snow chains
  • Standard snow chains
  • Premium snow chains

Before you go on a purchasing spree you need to look for the best out of the three categories. First, let’s see some of the best entry-level snow chains:

Best entry-level snow chains for semi-trucks

Before you know the best entry-level snow chains, if you are a regular driver on snowy roads consider purchasing snow chains from other categories. This category is for part-time drivers or emergency use. Not for everyday use.


Considered one of the best snow chains for one-time drivers through a snowy road Konig CB-12 snow chains come in two sets. This is plus for you because I know you consider safety more than any other thing at that moment through the snow road.

These chains are simple and sturdy manual tensioning chains for your tires. It’s 12 mm inside and on the thread clearance. This snow chain is mostly recommended for front-wheel drive trucks.

Furthermore, if your truck has an automatic braking system(ABS) then Konig CB-12 is compatible with it. It’s easy to remove once you fit it so doesn’t worry. This snow chain also works well with trucks with greater horsepower.


QG2128 Light Truck Snow Chains can be used for different types of vehicles from passenger cars to commercial vans. However, if you have a truck it will work accordingly on a snowy road.

This snow chain comes in a plastic case which is reusable. You don’t have to purchase tensioners because the chain offers a CAM tightening system. It is made of manganese alloy steel which provides an additional lifespan for the snow chain. Nonetheless, this snow chain doesn’t meet the ‘s’ class requirements.

During, cornering, or stopping this snow chains have the best performance. In addition, it I easy to install and is compatible with an automatic braking system ad 4wd.

NOTE: For safety don’t drive with a speed above 30 km/h.

Best standard snow chains

Looking for the best tire chains for your  4wd truck, that can be used every day during all winter season? Then you should purchase a standard snow chain. This is a choice of drivers who drive along the snowy roads most of the season.


If you own an SUV’s or a truck and you mostly drive on snowy roads, then I would recommend you buy this chain for your tires. It comes in a set of two which is good for 4×4 trucks. It’s quick and easy to install when you are removing them. Moreover, it has a rubber tightener which means that you will not have to stop to tighten the chains when they become loose.

This chain works well with anti-lock brakes, 4wd, traction control, and all electronically monitored control systems.


Do I really need chains for your 4×4 vehicle? Yes, you do, more especially you need a Glacier Chains 211v light truck v-track. This is one of the best on the market currently.

This snow chain is light and easy to install. It also meets all requirements for cable traction devices. Additionally, it is more suitable for SUV’s and light trucks.

Best premium snow chains

You are the best and you need the best!  Then you should consider purchasing premium snow chains.


Quality Chain QV747 Volt LTcomes with rubber adjusters that enable the chain to re-tighten once it becomes loose. So, you don’t have to get out to tighten the chains.

Has cross cables that facilitate the reduction of vibrations once it hits a tarmac road. In addition, this snow chain is not recommended for trailers.


As this tire chain comes in different sizes, please check the Amazon site in order to find your size. Hence, you don’t have to fear about finding one for your car.

It is also easy to fit and remove.

The diamond patterns make it even and also increases the grip and braking efficiency. This Grizzlar snow chain is made of manganese steel which, improves its durability.

It works well with an automatic braking system and other electronic grip control systems. For your own safety, it’s sold in pairs. The best thing about this tire chain it is cheaper and I know you can easily afford it. At only $98 you can get yourself a pair of these snow chains.

If you usually travel on snowy roads, I highly recommend you consider purchasing a premium snow chain. However, I would like you to consider purchasing Glacier Chains 211v light truck v-track. This is because it is built to conquer the snow road and its features suit well with your 4wd vehicle.

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