Can you Use Tire Shine on Plasti Dip Wheels?

Can you use tire shine on plasti-dip wheels? This is a common question that most of our customers keep on asking. In fact, if you take a casual journey through many online platforms, you will find people repeatedly asking this question.



We have churned through the internet coupled with a twist of personal experiences to try and decode everything you need to know about tire shine and plastic dip.

What is Plasti-Dip?

It’s a colored rubber-like coating that can be brushed or sprayed onto parts. On making a debut, plasti-dip was used to coat various tools’ handles although the use has exponentially expanded as its used for a wide variety of purposes.

removing plasti dip rubber from wheels

removing plasti dip rubber from wheels

For starters, the material can be used to temporarily alter the color of car parts such as wheels. Since the material can be peeled off, it becomes easier for car owners to change colors as often as they wish. The coating is durable making it a perfect protective layer for the car parts original finish.

What is the Color of Plasti Dip?

Initially, the product came in a few static colors like black, red, and white. Fast-forward to today, you have the freedom to purchase a “personalize-your-own-color kit”.

Different plasti-dip colours

Different plasti-dip colors

There are vendors who even allow for colors customization depending on your tastes and preferences.

Can you Put Tire Shine on Plasti Dip?

There is no straight answer to that question. And the reason for that is because it all depends on the type of tire shine product you are using. Going by experience at our shop, we have seen resilient plasti-dip coatings that can withstand tire shines. However, other people have noted that irrespective of the product used, the dip is always compromised.

For instance, a product like Stoner Trim Shine will not affect your dip. Instead, some of our customers have indicated that crystallizes the plasti-dip enhancing visibility without losing integrity.

Personally, we find bug and tar remover as the biggest culprit in damaging plasti dip—unless you want to completely get rid of the dip for purposes of redoing it or completely doing away with it.

Black magic tire wet

Black magic tire wet

As you can see, the subject is pretty subjective with people holding different opinions. However, if you are still in doubt, we always encourage you to conduct your own simple experiment. For instance, if you are using the black magic tire shine, dislodge a car tire and spray a little bit of the shine on an inconspicuous tire portion. This way, you will be able to independently verify whether your tire shine removes plasti dip or not.

Cleaning and Repairing Damaged Plasti Dip

If you want to completely wipe off plasti dip, you can use the bug and tar remover as earlier indicated. Alternatively, one of our clients has hinted that they first spray the tires with goof off spray, and then proceed to use wd-40. After that, they will use a rag to wipe the dip off and everything will melt away. 

However, if you are looking to repair a slightly damaged plasti dip, you can follow the following easy steps:

  • Dislodge the damaged wheel to make it easier to work with.
  • Thoroughly scrub using soap and water ensuring you completely strip off the oil and grim on the rim.
  • Rub alcohol 90%+ around the damaged area.
  • Slightly peel the damaged dip using a knife.
  • Grab some naphtha and put on some rubber gloves.
  • Pour the naphtha in a small bowl and apply to the affected dip are using your finger. Ensure the area is even by running your finger across any raised areas.
  • Re-dip the affected area and give a light coat. Proceed to give the whole wheel a few coats until uniformity is achieved.
  • Proceed to apply a plasti dip protectant to ensure your newly repaired dip is fully protected.

In Conclusion. So, can you use tire shine on plasti-dip wheels?

 We still maintain there is no conclusive answer for this question. This is because the topic has elicited widely divided opinions with one side saying that you can use turtle wax tire shine on plasti dip without any serious consequences, whereas others think otherwise. This outstanding product was reviewed here.

The key lies in experimenting on a personal level to determine the validity of this argument.

Go ahead and conduct your own experiment and leave your finding in the comments section below.

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