What Is the Best Wheel Cleaner for Heavy Baked on Brake Dust

With vehicles achieving higher speeds it’s only natural that they demand stronger brakes, and in our new generation of vehicles, brakes stop almost as fast as we accelerate.

The downside of these brakes is that they end up spilling a lot of corrosive brake dust all over your wheels, these hot iron deposits embed into your wheels, and no amount of scrubbing will get them out.

If the particles become an issue to you, don’t worry, with the products we will be reviewing you’ll be able of expelling the baked-on brake dust of your wheels.

Evaluating what is the best wheel cleaner to remove brake dust

It’s advisable to get some clay bars, as these help thoroughly to pull out the shards, however, you will need a baked-on brake dust wheel cleaner to counteract the corrosive reaction started by these harmful particles.

You might not notice it, but each day you leave the harmful particles within your wheels, the reaction will actively eat away the paintwork, the clear coat, the polishing and even the finishes!

When choosing the best wheel cleaner for brake dust, be sure to have the following criteria in mind.


Some cleaners’ acids are very strong, and while you’re trying to remove heavy brake dust that eventually corrodes your wheels, there’s no point in it if the acid you’re using ends up corroding them anyways, so be sure to understand what kind of chemicals your wheels can handle! For more information read our review of the best wheels cleaners, that you can find in 2017.


Getting the baked-on brake dust out is hard, it requires effort, but luckily, the products you want to get take much of the load of your shoulders, some cleaners’ chemicals are very concentrated and get the toxic deposits out without too much work, but some require a more hands-on approach.


Price tags, they’re very important because we all have to make the ends meet, so there’s no point in paying so much for a product when there are much cheaper alternatives that work out just fine.

What Wheel Cleaner for Brake Dust to Use? Read Our Short Review:

Chemical Guys’ DeCon Pro – is the best wheel cleaner for heavy brake dust

Chemical Guy’s bring us the DeCon Pro Iron Remover And Wheel Cleaner to aid us in our fight against brake dust, be it after washing your car (if you don’t wash it too much per month) or every time you feel like getting rid of the toxic iron deposits in your wheels.

This cleaner’s balanced pH ensures safety for your wheels, but it doesn’t extend its mercy to the harmful contaminants that plague your rims! This cleaner as some others can be used for cleaning painted wheels.


Safety 7/10

This cleaner removes any kind of stubborn brake dust, and it does so safely, without harming your precious wheels. It is a good and safe painted wheel brake dust cleaner.

Effort 8/10

This cleaner works by spraying-on, leaving it to do its magic for a few minutes, and then rinsing away with some water; as you can see, it doesn’t take too much work to get rid of the toxic deposits in your wheels!

Price 6/10

The price for this product hovers around $16 to $20 for 16-oz. (473 ml), but that quantity might not last for many cleaning sessions, which might make the product expensive in the long run, getting the gallon container is much more efficient, as you’d be getting 8x times cleaner, for only $60 or a bit more.

Final Verdict: 7.0

The steep price of the 16-oz. bottle forces you to get the gallon in order to get a decent deal, however, if you’re willing to make the investment today, you’ll have a high-quality tool in your cleaning arsenal for a good time!

CarPro’s Iron X – one of the best heavy brake dust cleaner for  aluminum wheels

The Iron X provides you with a reliable decontaminant that releases the iron particles and counteracts the caustic reactions that destroy your wheels.

Safety 10/10

Being acid-free cleaner and with a balanced pH, this cleaner safely fights against the toxic deposits and prevents further damage. So, it can be used as a brake dust cleaner for  aluminum wheels.

Still not sure how and what to clean your aluminum wheels with – read this  article.

Effort 7/10

This product requires a bit more of effort to get rid of the deposits, however, it still lifts much of the load from your shoulders.

Price 6/10

The prices range from $20 for 500 ml of the product, up to $40 for a liter, the price isn’t exactly bad, but it isn’t excellent either, we could say it is fine or “good enough”.

Final Verdict: 7.6

Thanks to its safety, relatively low effort needed, and its reasonable price, we can conclude that CarPro’s product is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get the toxic deposits out of their wheels.

Eagle One’s PVD & Aluminum Wheel Cleaner – the best wheel cleaner for baked on brake dust in our review

Eagle One’s cleaner offers safe, effective and quick cleaning, in a single bottle.

Its strength lies in its generous price and cleaning efficiency.


Safety 8/10

The neutral pH of this cleaner makes it safe for work, even on aluminum wheels, so you can work without worries!

Effort 7/10

The cleaner’s gentle nature makes it require a bit more scrubbing/rubbing for getting better results, but it is worth the effort.

Price 10/10

The price of this product is remarkably low, the price hovering between $5 for nothing more than 23-oz! As you can probably tell you could easily stock up your cleaning arsenal without spending too much.

Final Verdict: 8.3

Eagle One’s product offers safety and efficiency for a low price, what’s more to ask from wheel cleaner that eliminates toxic contaminants from your wheels?

The best wheel cleaners for baked on brake dust pinterest

The best wheel cleaners for baked-on brake dust pinterest


Brake dust can and will build up, and the damage it can deal to your wheels can be considerable in the long run, so be sure to get yourself a wheel cleaner that repels brake dust so that you can keep your wheels healthy!

If you’re looking to make an investment that will have you covered for a few seasons while offering you a suite of premium cleaning and care, a gallon of Chemical Guys’ DeCon Pro will cover your back (and your wheels) for a sweet time! Probably this is a best wheel cleaner for heavy brake dust!

If you’re looking for a reliable cleaner, and you don’t plan on cleaning too much, then CarPro’s Iron X fair price and gentle chemicals will do the trick for your wheels just fine.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a cheap, efficient and safe cleaner, Eagle One’s Aluminum Wheel Cleaner has everything you need: safety for your components, low effort after spraying and the best of all, a great price!

I hope this helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!