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Maybe cleaning isn’t for everyone, but who doesn’t love the feel and look of clean and shiny things? The same logic applies to your car tires, a clean set of rims and tires certainly go a long way in setting the appearance of your car.

Cleaning rims is a different beast altogether, so when it comes to cleaning tires, there comes a new process as well, if you’re still not convinced about cleaning your tires, then I’d like to remind you that clean and polished tires that get regular maintenance and care have a much longer life.

Best Way to Make Tires Shine

Best Way to Make Tires Shine

In this article, I’ll be telling you what you need to know about making your tires shine, from car and motorcycle tires, to what’s the cheapest way to go about it!

Best Way to Shine Tires

The first and foremost thing you should about when cleaning your tires is removing the important pieces of dirty, such as a debris and brake dust.

For an efficient and thorough cleaning of your tires, I’d recommend you get the following items:

• A stiff-bristled brush.
• Degreaser.
• A bucket of water.
• A bucket of soapy water.
• Tire dressing. (Choose one with no sling for yourself from the reviwed here).
• An applicator for the dressing.

Best Way to Shine Car Tires

You should begin by wetting your tires with a hose, your garden hose will do just fine, then you should apply your chosen degreaser, depending on the strength of your product you might decide to use it at full strength, however, diluting it in a water tends to be the effective option.

Apply wasing detergent

Apply wasing detergent

Depending on the temperature you might leave the degreaser to dwell in your tires a longer or shorter time, if the temperature is high, you should remove the degreaser with your brush, be sure to rinse the brush with clean water after every few swipes.

Rinse tires with water

Rinse tires with water

Once you remove the degreaser, proceed to wash your tires with soapy water, and then rinse them with clean water, then allow them to dry.

At this point, you’ve cleaned your tires, and they already should look better, however, we’re going to take this to the next step by applying our dressing, which should give our tires a fresh look, as well as forming a protective chemical layer that will shield them from UV rays.


How to shine tires

How to shine tires

Generally, water-based dressings tower above solvent-based ones because of the chemicals they employ, so get you a nice water-based dressing, coat your applicator or fill your sprayer, and dress your tires with it! Depending on the chemical you chose (and if you’re using a sprayer) you might need to dilute your product, just be sure to gauge how much shine you want!

Note: For the special types of tires (as a white-wall tires etc.) better to find an original product. If you have white wall tires – your best solutions are reviewed here.

Best Way to Shine Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle’s tires are generally more sensitive, and due to the riskier nature of motorcycles, it becomes more important to clean them. Opposed to a car’s 4 tires, a motorcycle has 2, which means that even the slightest unbalance might lead you to lose control of your bike.

Shining the motorcycle tires with Chemical guys cleaner

Shining the motorcycle tires with Chemical guys cleaner

Start off by checking for signs of wear, if you spot any significant damage, it might prove wise to replace them.
Like with car tires, you should begin by wetting the tires thoroughly, and then applying a degreaser, however, you need to make use of a much gentler one, as motorcycle tires (and rims) are more delicate, and the same applies for any chemical cleaner you decide to use.

Once you’re done applying the degreaser, and after some time has passed, scrub it away with a brush, but make use of a gentler brush as well, you don’t want to scratch your tire’s sidewall or your rims after all. After you get rid of the degreaser (or cleaner) you should wash your tires again but with soapy water, then rinse with clean water and let them dry.

Making use of a protective wax or wash instead of a dressing would probably be a better option, in fact, many dressings advise you not to use them on bike tires, so just refrain from doing so. A protective chemical against corrosion will be enough to keep your tires healthy and protected.

Chemical guys full detailing line will be one of the best solutions for your motorcycle tires.

Cheapest Way to Shine Tires

The pricey part about shining tires lies on the chemicals you use, and the best way to cut costs in this department is simple: dilute your product!

Using full-strength isn’t advisable either way, so you should always try to dilute your chemicals in 1:2, 1:3 or even 1:4 parts of water! This way you ramp up the efficiency of your cleaner, and you keep your tires and rims safe from any harmful effect the chemicals might have on them.

Additionally, getting cheaper chemicals, or even alternatives, helps you cut the price; don’t stress about the tools either! If you need a soft-bristled brush, a toothbrush can do the trick, and if you need a harder one, a sink brush can help you out as well.

A good way to shine tires without spending too much money (or any at all) in cleaners, is using mainstay oils like olive oil (even castor oil).

How to shine tires with olive oil? Well, it’s pretty simple! You just need to coat your tires with the oil using a simple cloth, then you just leave it to dwell and eventually dry on its own. The best part about using this kind of oil to shine your tires is that it’s natural, biodegradable, and has no way of harming your tires’ rubber!

Best Way to Make Tires Shine

Best Way to Make Tires Shine


Shine and tend to your tires, and in turn, they will tend to you, nothing speaks better about us than how clean we look, it instills confidence, attention to detail, hygiene, awareness, and responsibility, while the contrary of this speaks otherwise.

Consider cleaning your tires at least every month, just pick a day in which you’ll give attention to your vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car, if you like it, or if you feel like you need more, you can do it more times per month, it’s a great way to relax and meditate as well!

Remember to use recomended water-based dressings (if you use dressings at all) as well as using gentle chemicals the more delicate your wheels are.

I hope this article helped you understand how to tend your tires, the method described above is certainly one of the best ways to make tires shine, so I hope you have fun doing it!

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