Best Truck Tires For Towing The 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

There comes a time when you just want to go out with your family and friends and just enjoy nature. Many people use SUV, which mainly is accompanied by a trailer and in other cases a small boat, if you going to the sea, lake or ocean.

Having the best tires will enable you to reach your destination without many difficulties along the road. Before choosing tires they are key aspects you should mention:

Things to be considered, to find the best trailer towing tyres

  • Total weight of the trailer

This is commonly referred to as the tongue weight. In simple mechanics, it is defined as the downward force that tends to act on a trailer. Before choosing the tires to be used know your tongue weight, because when you are moving a trailer, remember that you are actually pulling or dragging the trailer.

How to choose the best towing tires

How to choose the best towing tires

Understanding the total tongue weight will give you a proper insight of what type of tires you need.

  • Season

You should have a clear understanding of the season. Having a clear understanding of the season will allow you to understand the nature of the roads. In respect to knowing the nature of the roads, you will be able to understand which type of tires you desire. This is because different tires have different treads, manufacturers have developed different tires which come with different types of treads to be able to cope up with different seasons.

  • Distance to be covered

This is a key aspect in deciding which types of tires, you need. As you are traveling, tires get worn out because of friction acting against them. Knowing the total distance you need to travel is insightful in choosing the tires. If you are traveling a longer distance, you probably need tires with a bigger diameter.

  • Costs

Different tires have a different range of prices depending on the company. In searching for the best tires you should also consider the cost and quality of the tires. Different tires have a different quality which comes in a range of costs. Although one may desire cheap tires,you should never compromise on the quality of the tires. Having the best quality will ensure that you reach your safely and without many problems on the road.

Best tires for towing the trailer:

In the current economy, many companies have come up with different products to try to capitalize on the market gap of the increasing demand .Thus one should have a proper insight on what type of tires to buy.

Firestone Winterforce LT 225/75-17E Tire

#1 It is designed for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles. It offers rather more traditional winter traction on all terrains be it, dry, wet or roads covered with snow. The Firestone winterforce LT winter is highly used in areas where there severe snow, this is because it features a more aggressive tread pattern which offers more traction. It can bee a good towing choice for your Cherokee Jeep.

While its independent tread blocks ensure that the tire maintains a high grip with the ground. Its tread wear is good and it will serve you well, out of 10 its rated 7.9 with reference to the consumer report. This shows that its tread wear is above average. Its noise production is minimum ensuring that there is driver comfort.

If you want to find other sizes of Firestone Winterforce LT winter tire, click here.

Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor Radial Tire

#2 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor Tire is best for on and off road terrains, commonly used for light trucks i.e. pick up, vans and SUV. It has superior hydroplaning while still maintaining the same level of superior wet traction and dry traction. It has both excellent steering response while maintaining also excellent stability. On both light and deep snow, it offers superior level traction.

Its cons include a reduction in traction on ice. They exhibit low traction when tested on the ice. Which above average as compared to other tires. Out of 10 its tread wear is 8.1 according to consumer survey.

It has minimum noise production thus enhances driver comfort which is rated 8.3 out of 10 according to consumer survey.

See all the sizes available on

225/75R16 Pirelli Scorpion Tire

#3 Best suited for ¾ or 1-ton trucks. Pirelli Scorpion tires offer good braking because of their large tread blocks. To provide a more rugged edge, it has independent tread blocks which enhance of the road tractions on both flurries of snow and just smooth surfaces.

It’s highly durable as shown from previous records. It also maintains high-performance levels.On a rating of 10 it scored 8.4 showing it has good tread wear.Also it produces less noise increasing the comfort while driving.

You may also be interested in other Pirelli Scorpion tires

Goodyear Marathon Radial Tires

#4 This Marathon Radial Tire is best suited for campers, boat trailers, and fifth wheel trailers. The tires have symmetric treads which provide constant road contact thus maintaining high stability.

Tire Pros:

  • To increase traction, its internal structure is composed of twin steel belts that help in maintaining the tread.
  • To increase comfortability while driving the manufacturers add a polyester body.

Among its Cons, it’s that its treads tend to wear out at a faster rate been rated at 6.5 out of 10.

Also, it produces a lot of noise thus low driver comfort.

All Goodyear Marathon Tires Available:

Michelin LTX A/S Tires

#5 Michelin LTX A/S are great tires created to be adaptable to all conditions. Have high durability as compared to other tires that is they can cover more than 65000 miles without the treads begin torn down. They off smooth and quiet ride.

Although they are high-quality tires, they are expensive in terms of purchase .Have minimum noise production and driver comfort is enhanced.Also, their traction tends to reduce on wet surfaces and its best driven on dry highways.

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In this article, I have only talked about a few of towing tires  and one should have an open mind while buying these tires as they are many tires produced by different companies. You should not rush in picking the right type of tires. You should have a proper understanding of the amount of load you are towing and the terrain, these are most fundamental aspect when choosing a given towing tire.

Do not forget about the proper tire pressue, that can be provided only with the best 12 volt truck tire compressors! They might be very useful, while driving far away from home.

Understanding these key aspects will give you a proper insight of what you should buy. Remember having a good set of tires may actually save your life. Happy and safe driving, during this festive season.

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