Most Affordable Torque Wrench From The Best Under $100. (Review of 2019)

As you probably know by now, torque wrenches are more than just bigger ordinary wrenches. Torque wrenches come in when you need some bolts snug to a specific level of tightness, as needed in a wide assortment of automotive vehicles like cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, coupes, motorcycles… the list goes on.

We have updated our popular review of the most affordable tools to make it more informative and interesting! So, let’s begin:

Before you get your hands on an affordable torque wrench you need to know how to use one of course, but that’s a different beast altogether.

Best Affordable Torque Wrenches

Best Affordable Torque Wrenches

You will need a strong, precise, and easy to handle wrench. In this article, I’ll help you get the best and most affordable torque wrench, there are some dirt cheap ones and some overly priced ones too, so let’s do a smart purchase to compliment your toolbox, shall we?

Be mindful of your needs, however, there are different torque ratings, some go up to 50 ft-lbs while others go above 200 ft-lbs. Get one that suits your needs!

What to Look for a Quality Affordable Torque Wrench

A torque wrench’s duty is accurately tightening a fastener to your desired torque level. Per se, we only use one wrench, but we switch sockets to match bolt sizes. Bigger, hardier loads, will require the best affordable torque wrench so attention should be paid when buying one.

Automotive Torque wrench comparisson chart

Depending on your needs, a lighter, smaller one might do the job just right, while being cheaper, but if you’re in some tough work, you will need a bigger, tougher one!

A reliable quality wrench should be:

  • Precise: The torque level is important, and tightening to the correct torque level is of the essence.
  • Strong: The torque beam should be sturdy and hardy, cheap wrenches often suffer the fate of outright snapping!
  • Easy to handle: A solid wrench must be easy to use, it shouldn’t strain your hands, and gauging the torque level should be easy!

With all this said, let’s find the most cost-effective wrench so that you can get down to ratcheting, don’t impulse buy a mastodon of a wrench if you won’t be needing above 150 ft-lbs of torque level!

Picking a Good Affordable Torque Wrench

TEKTON’s 24335 10-150 ft-lbs

Tekton’s 24335 quality at the most affordable level. Shorter and a weaker than its big sister reviewed below, this smaller Tekton wrench offers you quality and precision for torque levels between 10 and 150 ft-lbs.

This handy wrench is capable of driving and measuring in both directions, allowing you to go back and forth without hassle. The overall length is about 18.5 inches, weighs about 2.2 pounds -the lightest wrench reviewed in this list- and comes pre-calibrated at +/-4%, ready to use!

Being entirely made of steel you can forget about wearing or breaking plastic parts. It comes bundled with a nice, red case that can keep it tightly stored, safe from all the wobbling!


The real seller of this handy wrench is, of course, it’s affordable price! Of this list, this wrench comes as the cheapest, you can get a brand-new one for about $40 and even less!

If you just need to compliment your toolset with a quality torque wrench without spending too much money, this is definitely your go to! It is one of the most accurate torque wrenches,  reviewed here.

This product’s score is: 4/5.

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TEKTON’s 24340 25-250 ft-lbs – The best affordable tool in the up to  $100 range.

Like we said above, this is the 24335’s big sister. This torque wrench pushes it to the limit with a torque range between 25 to 250 ft-lbs!

Entirely made of steel, 25″ long and 2″ wide. This durable steel wrench has no-nonsense, just adjust your desired torque in the micrometer located on the bottom handle and get ready to work!

Drives in both directions and has next to no risks of snapping due to its sturdy construction. Comes pre-calibrated +/-4% and with a high-contrast dual-range scale for easier readability.

While not as cheap as its litter sister, this wrench is the one for heavy-duty jobs! The price is just a tad higher, valued about $50 for a brand-new piece. A mere $10 more!


A must for everyone that needs the high torque range, Tekton’s wrenches will never let you down, and this one right here makes one question the ongoing discussions between cheap torque wrenches vs expensive torque wrenches.


This product’s score is: 5/5.

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Precision Instruments’ PREC3FR250F

This fancy wrench starts as low as 40 to 250 ft-lbs. It’s made primarily of stainless steel, so don’t worry about wearable plastic parts. Its adjustment knob gets rid of all spring tension, so setting the torque level is quite fast and easy.

This wrench comes with a few amenities, such as not having to “turn down” the torque setting after each use, making it more convenient for users that dabble with plenty ranges. Weighs around 4 lbs and measures about 27” in length. The handle features a conversion chart between ft-lbs which some users might find great!

This wrench is exceptional, and it is priced accordingly (still fair, however) at about $160, definitely a step up in price regarding the previous wrenches, but it makes up for it!


If you need the best of the best, and if you’ll surely be working with many bolts of varying torque levels, Precision Instruments’ tool will come in very handy. Worth every penny!

This product’s score is: 4/5.

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The torque wrench is an as useful tool as a portable electric air pump and automotive cordless impact wrench.

My personal pick of this selection was Tekton’s 24340 wrench. For just $10 more (regarding her litter sister) I got a powerful wrench capable of dealing with a wide torque range, its sturdy metal construction and no-nonsense nature just make it dandy for me!

As always, different strokes for different folks. Tekton’s 24335 wrench serves its role for people that don’t need more than 150 ft-lbs of torque and those who need a shorter, cheaper solution.

Precise Instruments’ wrench comes as a step up in terms of amenities and reliability. If you’ll be dealing with the higher end of torque levels, and if you’ll find yourself switching torque levels constantly, Precise Instrument’s PREC3FR250F will do wonders for you.

I hope this review helped you find what option suits you the best, good luck!