Best tips how to clean chrome wheels rims that are pitted

Your car’s image says a lot about the type of person you are. It is, therefore, great to ensure that you take great care of your car as a whole. When you take your chrome wheels from storage after winter and find them with pitting damage, you may think about buying new wheels. With good and regular maintenance, your chrome faucet can serve you for several years. It will also look as good as new every day you use it. However, you do not need to. There are a few things you need to learn about how to clean chrome wheel rims that are pitted. As for me, taking care of chrome wheels is much easier than doing the same with matte black ones.


Pitting on chrome rimsIf you have noticed small marks and bumps on the surface of your chrome, it may have pitting issues. Pitting is a type of corrosion that happens to certain metal types. Restoring your chrome means that you bring back the shine and do away with the bumps and marks.


It is easy to return glory to your chrome faucet using simple dishwashing soap.  But as for me, If I will be in need of the best wheel cleaner, I’d read this article first.  Using dishwashing soap is a simple method that works well when the faucet is not too damaged. It is also great because dish soap is inexpensive and can be found in most homes. All you have to do is rub dishwashing soap on your chrome faucet. Then, deep a soft piece of clothes into warm water and rub the soap around the damaged area. This will remove any debris and rust from the area. Once this is done, you can wipe the faucet with a dry piece of clothing.


Vinegar–based homemade cleaner is also a great option to use to get rid of pitting from chrome wheels. It is also a great alternative because vinegar can also be found in many households. Start by pouring distilled white vinegar on the dull side of an aluminum foil. Rub the side with the vinegar onto your pitted chrome surface. Vinegar is very acidic. This acidity creates a PH on your chrome faucet where pitting and rust cannot survive. Aluminum foil on the other hand rubs the chrome and ensures that it continues to have its shine all through.


When everything else fails, you can always remove the top surface that is mostly damaged. However, you should only result to this method if the other methods do not work. Begin by putting on some goggles. This is just a safety precaution to ensure that rust does not go to your eyes. Use fine-grit sandpaper to ensure that the chrome surface remains smooth and shiny after you are done. The last thing you want is for it to look like has been accidentally rubbed by a nail. Rum the affected area in a circular motion until the affected area looks good or the rust is completely removed. Rub the area with a dry rug after you are done. Use can use a scotch brite pad to reach the small spaces on your wheels.


After you have rubbed the pitted rim of the bumper with sandpaper, it may still have small marks. Sometimes the pitting is not completely removed or the faucet does not look as great as it should. By chrome polish and apply it to the pitted surface. An hour after you have polished the surface, use a dry cloth to a buff the polish. Do this by rubbing the cloth in a circular motion over the polish. This will help fill out any marks and restore the original shine of the chrome surface. Examine the area carefully and apply the polish and buff off repeatedly until your chrome has gotten its shine and appealing look.


After doing all this work, the last thing you want is to have to go back to the same process every few months. If fact you should not go back to the process for years. Here are several things you can do to keep your chrome looking great always. Be sure, that you use only the best tire shine and dressing solutions!


Take the time each week to clean and wipe your chrome wheels. This will ensure that the faucet is dry which will keep rust at bay. In case you will be storing your wheels during the summer, apply a coat of polish to prevent pitting and rusting.

It is always critical to ensure that the chrome faucet you have is always dry. Whether you are using it or not, ensure that it is adequately dried. If you will be storing it for a while, it is important to check on your chrome wheels regularly to ensure that they are not collecting any moisture from the environment. This way, you will protect them from moisture better.


Always ensure that your brakes are properly cleaned. Brake dust can be awful. Cleaning it from your chrome can be equally as tough.


When your wheels look great, your car does too. People will aspire to have a car as clean as yours. You, therefore, need to ensure that you do what is necessary to prevent pitting and keep your rims shining. In the long run, you need your chrome to look great.  Buying new wheels is often out of the question because it is an expensive affair. Renewing the shine on your chrome and making it look almost new is cheap and doable.


– Dish soap
– Vinegar
– Fine grit sandpaper
– Scotch Brite pad
– Aluminum foil
– Chrome polish


– Clean the chrome using soap and water.
– If the chrome is badly pitted, use vinegar and aluminum foil to rub it
– Use fine grit sandpaper to remove the upper coat of chrome that has been damaged
– Apply the chrome finish to ensure the surface stays shiny

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