The Eternal Battle: Choosing The Best Cheap Air Compressor For Impact Wrench or Gun

As there are tons air compressors is available, so, choosing the best cheap air compressor for your impact wrench is not an easy task. You should have to keep in mind some important thing before you choose one. The right air compressor will gear up your instrument to a perfect working level. Thus, the instrument will last longer than usual and can provide the level best output.

Choosing the right air impact wrench is not all that you need to do you automotive work perfect and safe. However, at first, you should know the types of air compressor before going to choose one. With the proper knowledge, you find the right one for your instrument.

Main Types Of  Air Compressors:

There are two types of air compressor according to their portability;

The best cheap air compressor for impact wrench

The best cheap air compressor for impact wrench

Portable air compressor: For a flexible option, you can have the portable compressor. A portable air compressor is suitable for guns and impact wrenches, as they are portable too. But keep in mind that it has a limitation that its tank size usually small.

Stationary air compressors: Larger than the portable one. And don’t have the easy option of moving one place to another place. As the tank size is larger, so, it can store a greater volume of air in its tank. This type of air compressor normally used for industrial purposes, such as construction site.

What will you need to consider while choosing?

The CFM requirement for impact tools:

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. It is one of the most important to consider for choosing an air compressor. Normally a half inch impact wrench requires 5.00 CFM at 90 PSI. so, it will be great if you have an air compressor that can deliver 6-7.5 CFM. For multiple uses calculate your CFM requirement and then choose the right one. There is a calculation that can make it easy for you. Let me explain that;

You have to multiply by 1.2 with the SCFM indicated to your tools (also, you can find the SCFM on your tools user guide). Such as your tools SCFM is 6. Then 6×1.2=9. So, you have to have a 9CFM air compressor. For multiple add all the SCFM and multiply by 1.2. you will find your CFM requirement. However, this is a general calculation. The higher CFM will give you the better performance.

The tank size needed:

Tank size is starting from the 6 liters. It has a huge effect on the performance of your impact wrench or impact gun. The bigger tank will give you the better performance. However, there is a minimum requirement of tank size depending on your tools SCFM. Simply multiply the indicated SCFM by 6 to find the minimum tank size. Such as, your impact gun is 7 SCFM. Then, 7×6= 42. So, the tank size should be at least 42 liters. Such tank will be suitable for almost all impact drivers and impact wrenches. Always try to buy the bigger one for better use of your air tools.

Which one is perfect, Oil-less or oil compressor?

Nowadays oil-less compressor is the popular one. However, both have advantages and disadvantages. It is depending on your purpose of use. Let me explain some feature to give you a clear concept.

  1. Lubricating system:

Oil compressor uses lubricating oil to move piston with less friction.

On the other hand, Oil-less compressor’s piston is made with lubricated material such as Teflon. So, its piston does not require lubrication to move with less friction.

  1. The noise that made by the compressor:

In that case, oil compressor is ahead of the oil-less compressor. Lubricant oil can perform well. so, if you like a quiet environment then go for the oil compressor.

  1. The weight:

The oil-less compressor is lighter. Because that machine uses fewer parts to build. Thus, its price is less than the other one.

  1. What about the maintenance cost:

Oil need to change regularly to perform better. So, the maintenance cost is higher than the oil-free compressor. On the other hand, oil-less does not require any kind of lubrication. So, there is no need to think about that cost. But need some other maintenance cost. And those are not costly as much as the oil compressor.

  1. What about the contaminants:

There is a chance to get contaminant in air-line if you using an oil compressor. This a serious issue for the spray gun. You will need to require air filter before using a spray gun or such tools. It is recommended that for spray gun type tools use the oil-free one.

  1. The usage:

Keep in mind that oil-less compressor is better in the factor of maintenance, contaminant, weight. On the other hand, oil compressor is durable, noise free.

So, for industrial or commercial purpose oil compressor is better. And for home use go for the oil-lees.

Which compressor is needed; professional, semi-professional or domestic one:

Which compressor is needed totally dependent on What type of work you are going to do with the air compressor. If you are an occasional user or hobbyists then you can have the semi-pro or domestic one. It is cost effective and designed for home use. It will give the great value for the occasional user. So, you can find out the best air compressor for impact gun in that category.

On the other hand, professional one is for industrial purposes. Mainly those are stationary and also there is some portable. It is a great choice for consistent use.

Best Cheap Air Compressor for Impact Wrenches and Guns:

The air compressor is definitely a great part of your impact wrench or gun. However, you will become confused at the time of choosing the perfect air compressor for your impact wrench as there are a lot of choices available in the market. What you can do is read the below review about some of the best air compressor for impact wrench or gun:

Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series 5000 Air Compressor

The Eagle EA-5000 Silent Series 5000 is one of the perfect air compressors available in the market in every way. It can produce up to 5CFM at 9PSI which is more than perfect to drive an impact wrench easily. Besides, the impact wrench is portable and it will not take a lot of efforts to move it.


Key Features:

  • Ultra Quiet powerful operation.
  • Double piston pump and don’t need oil to run.
  • Constructed with high-quality metals and highly durable.
  • Up to 5.5 gallons capacity.
  • 2 HP peak with 125 PSI max power.

Click here for more reviews:

NorthStar Belt Drive Single Stage Portable Air Compressor – 2 HP

The NorthStar Belt Drive Single Stage is a huge 20-gallon compressor which makes the perfect choice for shop uses. It comes with a large tank which can run your compressor accurately all day long without any pain of recharging several times. It comes with an all-black shiny design with high-quality construction. Moreover, you can move the giant air compressor from place to place easily as it is portable.

Key Features:

  • Built with a durable and high quality cast iron.
  • Delivers 6.0 CFM @ 40 PSI and 5.0 CFM @ 90 PSI.
  • The 115v operation which comes with 6ft. cord and plug.
  • Can be rewired for more energy up to 230v.

For more info and reviews – check

Conclusion: What compressor will be best and cheap?

All in all, choosing the best cheap air compressor for impact wrench is maybe easy now for you. However, always try to buy the one that is perfect for you. At first, try to know your need then know the machine that can serve your purpose and then choose the best one. I think, that NorthStar Belt Drive Single Stage is slightly expensive, but will fit your needs better.

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