6 Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench Review 2018

If you are an automotive equipment worker, chances are that you have met a stubborn bolt. To solve such a problem, you need a reliable, in other words – the best battery powered impact wrench. This handy but equally important equipment makes your work easier allowing you to seamlessly hone your daily tasks.

Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench

Given a large number of brands on the market, getting the best battery powered impact wrench can be hard and most people normally settle for the ones that are second best.

What is a Battery Powered Impact Wrench used For?

Battery powered impact wrenches are commonly used to screw and unscrew lug nuts, bolts, plus other miscellaneous car parts, aircrafts, bikes boats, and other automotive. They have also found a safe haven in tire removal.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Battery Powered Impact Wrench


Torque is simply the “muscle” of any wrench irrespective of whether it’s corded or otherwise. Torque is typically calculated in hundreds and while choosing a wrench you should settle for the one with the highest torque. Ideally, it should have no less than 200. Anything below 200 is absolutely unacceptable!

Rotations Per Minute

A good RPM to work with on a battery powered wrench is 3,000 or above. More rotations per minute mean less effort to you and a significant improvement on the turn-around time used to accomplish a task.

High IPM

Just like the RPM counterparts, Impacts Per Minute (IPM) must be suitably high enough as this power tool takes a lot of elbow grease pushing down a screw in a bid to tighten or loosen it.


A good battery powered impact wrench should be lightweight to allow for portability and extended use.

Types of Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches come in multiple types and shapes. There are three major categories which include electric impact wrenches, air powered impact wrenches, and the battery-powered impact wrenches.

So, what is the best battery powered impact wrench?

We have compiled a list of seven best battery powered impact wrench for tire change and lug nuts

Milwaukee Battery Powered Impact Wrench 2763-22 M18½ Inch

Milwaukee is a manufacturer who has successfully blown competitors with groundbreaking tools. One such tool is the Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 ½ Inch battery powered Impact Wrench. This powerful tool is a true definition of technology meets design.

Thanks to its superior performance, this tool allows you to complete remarkable amount of work within the shortest time possible. It generates up to700 ft-lbs torque and a maximum of up to 1100 ft-lbs busting torque.

You don’t have to spend a fortune taking care of the electricity bills. This device is energy efficient thanks to technology that allows you double run time at half the cost compared to its peers. As an added bonus, it is infused with brushless technology earning it a spot in the podium of some of the most powerful battery powered, impact wrench on the market.


For efficiency purposes, it sports durable components, two fastening modes, and inbuilt redlink plus intelligence. Lastly, it has a ½ inch anvil insulated with a friction ring for seamless socket changes.

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Battery Powered Impact Wrench DewaltDC820B 1/2-Inch 18-Volt 

Dewalt is famous for manufacturing high-end durable and performance oriented tools. This unwavering commitment is reflected in Dewalt-DC820B. The erratic speed impact compounded by a ½ inch wrench affords clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations impacting 1, 750-inch pounds of force.

Although a let-down but not a deal breaker, this tool is motorized by Dewalt 18-volts cordless batteries which are sold separately. On the power frontier, Dewalt DC820B delivers up to 1750 inch pounds of torque making it ideal for heavy-duty performance.

The square ½ inch drive features detent pin retention. For simplicity and cost-saving purposes, it features a frameless motor along with disposable brushes.

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Ingersoll Rand Battery Powered Impact Wrench- W7150

Ingersoll Rand Battery Powered Impact Wrench is a device that comes with an eloquent design premeditated to inject some power while screwing or unscrewing nuts and bolts from any heavy duty equipment. This tool is often offered as a combo kit.

Fashioned with sturdy materials it is sheathed with a steel-lined aluminum case to prevent damage and for portability purposes. It also has a pending patent for a soft touch grip for better handling while in use.

You will appreciate the fact that its battery operated which makes it an excellent outdoor tool without necessarily having to worry about cords flying in your way.


When it comes to power, this tool is capable of powering up to 780 ft-lbs in reverse torque while it can generate up to 1100 ft-lbs of nut busting power in the regular setting.

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Makita XWT08Z Battery Powered Impact Wrench – Amazon’s choice!

The Makita XWT08Z happens to be a great investment for workers who engage in heavy-duty tasks. Behind the powerful torques is the strong brushless motor that is not affected by heating irrespective of the operating environment.

Thanks to technology, the Makita XWT08Z is energy efficient which significantly improves the battery runtime. It also features multiple speed settings which can be adjusted to reach a maximum of up to 2,200 rotations per minute. Additionally, the tool can generate up to 740 ft-lbs maximum torque and a breakaway torque of up to 11800 ft-lbs.


Overall, this machine can handle almost every task there is making it one of the best tools on the market.

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Craftsman C3 Battery Powered Impact Wrench

If you are facing a stubborn nut or just looking to work under the hood, the C3 battery powered Wrench has all the muscle you need.

The Craftsman C3 is a heavy duty tool meant for people who are looking for a device capable of meeting their demands. It is strong, durable, and reliable which means it will serve you for extended periods of time.

DIYer’s and the Handymen will enjoy this powerful tool courtesy of the 1750 lb torque. Additionally, it comes with an inbuilt LED lights system that comes in handy while your shift runs into the late night.

On the power frontier, the tool boasts of a 3000 rotation per minute motor which translates into excellent power. It also delivers 300 ft-lbs breakaway torque that can shake even the most stubborn nuts to the core.


Working in dark environment shouldn’t be an issue. The machine has an inbuilt LED lights that illuminate in dark. For a firm grip, it sports a micro-texture handle that is non-slip at the same time relieving the stress on your hands.

This compact electrical powered wrench is among garage tools, recommended for changing wheels and tires.

Lastly, it comes with a speed control mechanism that many will appreciate while dealing with projects that cannot withstand high torque.

For easy alternation between sockets, the ½ -inch square anvil has detent pin retention morphology.

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Bosch IWH181-01 Battery Powered Impact Wrench

The Bosch IWH181-01 battery powered Impact wrench is an impressive and strong tool meant to afford faster turnaround time and efficiency. The device sports a compact design meant to be durable.

Much as in the compact design may appear bulky, the tool is lightweight 7 pounds to be precise making it certain that you use it for long without fatigue.


It can generate more muscle than its rival models reaching an impressive speed of up to 2,800 rotations per minute. In fact, the device is on record for having generated 1,600 inch-lbs of torque. As that’s not enough, it tops the category in terms of BPM.

If you are working late in the night, you will appreciate the LED lighting feature.

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The take home:

Now that you have the list of 7 best battery powered impact wrench buying guide, you shouldn’t have a problem with choosing the right one. Good luck with your purchase and we hope you put into consideration some of the factors we have highlighted.