Atturo is a tire brand committed to the SUV and light trucks market section. It is actually moved beyond the poor quality of personal label tires and developed a reputable brand name to satisfy the requirements these days’ light truck owners.
Whether you are changing your tires updating to a bigger size, Atturo provides a tire to boost the efficiency and look of your truck in the best way.

Atturo is the quality tire with real efficiency at an inexpensive level compared to other significant brand names. With an integrated 80 years of tire production experience, it’s factories produce tires accredited for the international market. Atturo tires are checked by independent companies to guarantee constant quality requirements.

Atturo keeps efficiency within reach!

Where are Atturo tires made?

Atturo tires are made in Taiwan with the highest possible worldwide requirements. The manufacturer is concentrated on establishing the popular dimensions required to a specific niche market. Atturo does not anticipate to be the most affordable price brand name on the market, however, we will certainly be affordable for a top quality item in crucial dimensions.

The most popular Atturo tires:

Atturo AZ600 supplies efficiency, design and also convenience in all-seasons for SUVs and also crossover cars. The thread pattern is optimal for a silent as well as smooth trip
 The Atturo Az800 is an Ultra High Efficiency tire created for SUV and also sporting activity vehicles. The Directional thread pattern, as well as hostile sidewall design shows the high efficiency.
  The AZ850 is an efficiency SUV tire, developed for the contemporary sport activity vehicles to make use of the raised power as well as dealing with the capability of these automobiles.
  The ingenious, brand-new Atturo Trail Blade X/T tire uses tough efficiency as well as impressive design in a brand-new way of all-terrain tire for proprietors of raised, as well as lowered SUVs as well as vehicles.
  Trail Blade M/T is an efficiency mud surface tire. It is manufactured  in both OE and also large sizes for the particular niche customer. However it is a premium quality and high efficiency tire.
  Atturo Tire includes the brand-new Trial Blade A/T version for the light vehicle market. It is a  brand-new all-terrain tire, made in Thailand.
  Atturo Tires launches the 4th tire in its Trial Blade Collection with one of the most challenging off road tire threads design nowadays – the Trial Blade BOSS. A BIG tire with a BIG perspective!