The widest tires review. Atturo AZ800 vs Atturo AZ850

Every car owner is always on the lookout for the perfect tire that will provide him or her with both affordability as well as performance. Atturo AZ800 vs Atturo AZ850 what will fit your car better?

It is therefore not surprising to find out that there are a lot of car owners who simply keep going from one shop to the other just to make sure that they get the best tire to buy. This short review will help you, as a driver to eliminate any doubts that you might have when it comes to selecting a tire from the Atturo AZ800 and the Atturo AZ850. Although it is always assumed that you just can’t walk into the first shop and buy any tire that fits your car, being equipped with the right details can make the process of buying a tire very simple and effortless.

Before a car owner will purchase a particular tire for his or her car, he or she always tries to compare that tire to other similar tires in order to select the best one. However, it is never advisable to do such a comparison when you are inside the shop and about to buy your tire. You always have to arm yourself with all the information you need before you even step out to go and buy the tire.

For some time now, there has been a debate going on about two of the very best tires that you can ever find on the market these days, and these tires are the Atturo AZ800 and the Atturo AZ850. These are two tires that provide a car owner with their very own benefits but always tend to become a problem when he or she has to choose between the two tires.


Atturo AZ800 is a tire that is specifically built for dry road conditions but can also equally be used on wet road surfaces.


These tires are able to perform on both dry and wet road conditions but their performance tends to be a bit difficult on snowy and wet surfaces as compared to dry terrains. This makes it a little difficult to brake when on wet terrain and also has its grip is also a bit weakened when the road surface is wet. However, on dry terrain, its performance is taken to a new level as it provides great traction on such surfaces and therefore its braking ability is also further enhanced. This is an all-season performance radial tire


The Atturo AZ800 tire has a very long tread life which allows it to last longer than other similar tires.



  • The Atturo AZ800 tire provides excellent stability when initiating curves or corners.
  • Its features portray an aggressive outlook which helps in its ability to be used on wet surfaces without much difficulty.
  • It is the perfect tire for car owners who have either SUVs or any kind of lightweight truck.
  • It makes no noise when it comes to initiating curves or corners which is the complete opposite of other similar tires in this category.
  • With regards to Atturo AZ800 specs, there is a wide variety of them to choose from in order to get the perfect one for your car.
  • Their sizes range between 225/60R17 through to 315/35R20. This simply means that the Atturo AZ800 tire comes in a wide range of sizes that are perfectly suited for lightweight trucks as well as other SUVs.


  • It is a tire that has been tagged as an all-season performance radial tire but its performance during the winter is very poor. Whereas it tends to perform exceptionally well during the summer, the complete opposite is the case when the winter sets in and all road surface become mostly wet.
  • It is not suitable for off-road driving, especially through snow and rocky terrains. So, if you are looking for the best snow tires – read this review first.
  • It is very difficult to brake on wet surfaces due to its lessened traction on such terrains.


As with every other tire that comes in different sizes, the Atturo AZ800 tire prices are also not the same. This is simply due to the different sizes of tires coupled with other peculiar specs of the various tires. However, prices for an Atturo AZ800 tire range between US $90 to US $250 based on the tire specs.


The Atturo AZ850 tire, on the other hand, comes with its own unique features that can be classified as an improvement on that of the Atturo AZ800 tires aside being a tubeless tire. One major feature of the Atturo AZ850 tire is its run-flat ability. This is a feature that allows you to drive for 50 miles after your tire gets punctured or deflated. With such a feature, the Atturo AZ850 tire is considered as being more beneficial than the Atturo AZ800 tires.


The tire is specifically designed to provide the best driving experience on any kind of road surface regardless of whether it is dry or wet. Its nicely constructed grooves help in increasing its ability to provide better grip even on wet road surfaces. This is the complete opposite of the Atturo AZ800 which has a weakened grip on wet surfaces. The tire is also manufactured to go at high speeds without unnecessarily getting heated.

For best results always set the recommended tire pressure with the best inflating devices ever! Do not use broken or DIY units.


As with the Atturo AZ800 tire, the Atturo AZ850 tire also comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This makes it possible for you as a car owner to get an Atturo AZ850 tire for your SUV regardless of the rim size and other specs.

Popular Atturo AZ850 tire sizes:


Prices of Atturo AZ850 vary from shop to shop but are mostly dependent on the specs. Presently, the price of an Atturo AZ850 run-flat tire is between US $160 to US $330.

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