The Best and The Most Aggressive Mud Tires For Trucks Of 2017 Review

A drive through a muddy terrain is never an easy driving experience. The difficulties that a driver is bound to encounter on a muddy road are further compounded when he or she is using an inferior truck tire.

It is never advisable to just enter a shop and purchase any tire that is of the same size as the one you have been using for your truck. This is simply due to the fact that each and every single tire that gets manufactured has a particular category of terrain that it is good at and as such buying anything round for your truck is just like shooting yourself in the foot.

Most shop attendants will simply coerce you into buying any tire that fits your truck especially those who are willing to make sales by any means possible. It is for this reason that as an owner of either an SUV or any lightweight truck, you should be equipped with the necessary information about the kind of muddy terrain tires that your truck needs in order to make a well-informed decision when you enter any shop to purchase a tire for your truck.

Track on agressive tires

Agressive mud tire for big track

When it comes to tires that are to be used on muddy terrains, there are certain major differences. This is due to the fact that not all these tires can be used on all muddy roads. For optimum performance, you, therefore, need to purchase the most aggressive mud tires for trucks. There are numerous mud tires for trucks but when it comes to those that provide the best driving experience, they include the following;

Muteki Mud Hog Tires

The introduction of the Muteki Mud Hog truck tires has been seen by many truck drivers as a blessing and an answer to both the on-road and off-road needs of truck owners. At a time when most muddy terrain truck tires were not appropriate for driving on highways, the Muteki Mud Hog provides drivers with an exciting driving experience on either off-road or on-road terrains.

Performance on all terrains

The Muteki Mud Hog truck tires is one of the very limited number of truck tires made for muddy terrains but also provides a comfortable driving experience on the highway. This makes them to be regarded as an all season and all terrain truck tires. They are among the most aggressive four wheeler mud tires for lightweight trucks.


The most surprising thing about the Muteki Mud Hog is the fact that despite its size and tread design it makes absolutely no noise when used on highways. This is just the complete opposite of what other similar muddy terrain tires offer.


As one of the very few all-purpose aggressive 35 inch mud tires, truck owners are provided with the benefit of having a tire that lasts longer and can be used throughout the season without any problem. Its thick and well designed tread patterns ensure that it does not wear out easily.


The price range for the Muteki Mud Hog tires ranges between US $264 and US $500. The versatile nature of this tire coupled with its durability and all-purpose usage makes the price a complete bargain when compared to other similar truck tires.

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Nitto Mud Grappler

When it comes to navigating through the toughest and most aggressive muddy terrains, not many truck tires can qualify to be in this category. However, the Nitto Mud Grappler happens to have a fixed place in this category as it provides all the features that a truck tire needs in order to be regarded as one of the most aggressive off road tires.

Performance on mud terrains

This tire is well known for its unparalleled and exceptional performance on all kinds of muddy terrains. This therefore makes it the perfect truck tire for off-road driving. When it comes to its driving experience on highways and other well paved roads, it also performs admirably as compared to other tires in that category. For this reason this tire is mostly regarded as an all terrain tire for trucks. The perfectly designed sidewalls help in providing the best traction for your vehicle on all terrains without any problem.

Tire Noise

Driving through a muddy terrain with a Nitto Mud Grappler provides one of the best driving experiences for off-road drivers. However, the only issue with these tires is their noise level when driving on the highway. They do tend to make a lot of noise whenever they are driven on well paved roads. That is the only downside of this awesome muddy terrain tire.


The Nitto Mud Grappler is one of the very few mud tires for jeeps that do not wear down easily due to the thick nature of their treads.


The price range for a Nitto Mud Grappler is between US $250 and US $700.

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Nitto Trail Grappler M/T  – The best mud tires for trucks

This is a tire that makes use of the positives associated with the Nitto Mud Trail Grappler like resistance to puncture and maximum traction. It however eliminates the only negative associated with the Nitto Mud Grappler which has to do with the noise it makes when being driven on a highway. This therefore makes the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires every truck driver’s first and the best choice when it comes to picking cheap but aggressive mud tires.

Nitto Trail Grappler Performance on Bad Terrains

As stated earlier, the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires are suitable for any kind of road terrain. They perform powerfully on both highways and any of the toughest off-road terrains. It will work better than other tires for snow and ice, but we recomend to find a set from the reviewed here.


Unlike the Nitto Mud Grappler which tends to make a lot of noise when on the highway, the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tire makes absolutely no noise at all when driven on the highway. This makes it an update to the Nitto Mud Grappler and the best solution for truck drivers who prefer to have an all-terrain tire for their trucks without having to sacrifice anything.


The thickness of the sidewalls and the tread patterns make it possible for the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tires to be used for a long period of time without frequently changing them.

In order to be sure, you are driving the proper pressue check the list of recomended truck inflators and choose one with the gauge!


A Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tire costs between US $210 to US $750. When the benefits of the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T tire are compared to other similar tires, one is always bound to realise that the prices for these tires provide more value for every cent spent.

Nitto Mud Grappler Extreme Mud Terrain Light Truck Tires Video Review


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Do Not Forget:

The basic pressure suggested by the supplier of your vehicle’s tires is great for the sidewalk, but it can be too much for off-road usage. For off-road expedition you’ll require a reduced tire pressure for best grip o sandy, mudy, and also rocky roads.

There are a number of alternatives for inflating tires back at the end of the day: a hand pump , engine-driven compressors, and also trustworthy off-road  compressors that runs your battery.

What Aggressive  Mud Tire To Choose For The Truck ? My small conclusion

With so many muddy terrain truck tire littering shops all over the world, it is always a gamble when you walk into any of such shops to purchase an aggressive mud tire for trucks without having prior knowledge of what you are looking for. This information will, therefore, provide you with the opportunity to let the tire dealer understand the fact that you do know the kind of truck tires you want for your car.

These are by far the best and  most aggressive mud tires for trucks that also provide you with some form of the financial cushion as compared to other similar tires that are sold at exorbitant prices but tend to be inferior. Each of these tires can be used for any kind of weather condition and they even tend to perform well during very harsh conditions and on the toughest terrains.