Actual Tips How to Clean Wheels Before Plasti Dip

After using your car for a long time, you start to see things that you would want to change. You want to have a new look that will leave people wondering whether you bought a new car. The first place to start changing your car is your wheels.

Plasti dipping is one easy way of making your wheels look and feel new. It has become an attractive and impressive method of changing the look of your car. Plasti dipping can be done in most parts of the car. But you should clean the rims first. This short article is about cleaning the wheels before Plasti Dip procedure.

What is plasti dipping?

If you have only just heard about plasti dipping, you must be wondering what it is. Plasti dip is usually a colored coating that is mostly rubberized.

What is plasti-diping

What is plasti-diping

You can spray, brush or dip the wheels with this coat to give them a new look. In the past, plasti dip was used for handles. However, its popularity has also grown its use and many people use it in different areas. Plasti Dip process is not difficult or expensive. Once you are tired of having the rubber coating on your wheels, you will not have to ask how to clean plasti dip off wheels. Because you can easily peel off the coat and your wheels will instantly go back to their previous look.

The best part about plasti dipping is that you have several colors to choose from such as red, white and black. If you do not know what plasti dip to choose – read this article first!

Red painted plasti dip wheels

Red painted plasti dip wheels

If these colors do not impress you, many plasti dip companies have a mix your color option that allows you to choose and use the colors you want. You can therefore get monster green, yellow, purple, orange, blue and even pink. There is also a glossy finish option that allows you to add a golden, glossy or silvery look to the plasti dip color you choose. This means that you can choose a different color each time you use the plasti dip on your wheels. The variety you are offered makes things more exciting.

Why is cleaning so important?

You may be wondering, why do I need to know the best way to clean wheels before plasti dip and what tire cleaning solutions will work  best? Well, it is because the dipping process can be very ineffective if the dip coating is used on dirt or greasy wheels. Some parts of the wheels may not get the plasti dip coating if they have grease or dirt at the moment of application.

What to clean your wheels with before plasti dip:

You may also decide to remove the tire to ensure that you clean the wheel thoroughly and to keep the plasti dip coating from reaching the tire. However, this does not mean that you cannot clean the wheel and coat it with the tire on. You can. You will have to cover the tire to prevent the dip from getting to it.
It is also always important to clean one wheel at a time to ensure that all the wheels receive enough attention. This way you can clean all parts of the wheel.  The cleaner for powder coated wheels,  will be perfect.

The best wheel cleaning solutions:

How to clean your wheels before plasti dipping

Remove large debris

The first thing you want to do when cleaning your wheels is rid of all the debris from the wheel. To do this, you might have to use a hose with a shower head. This will yield a greater water volume and also more pressure to remove the large debris from the wheel. If you want to plasti-dip chrome wheels, remove all the pitting before.

Once you have completely removed the large debris from the wheel, spray your wheel cleaner all over the wheel. You might have to spray your wheel from the bottom up since dripping chemicals from the wheel might cause etching. If you do not have a wheel cleaner, do not worry, dish washing soap also works perfectly. Apply your dish washing soap on the wheel with using the wet sponge. You may choose to wash the tires too at this point since most wheel cleaners are also safe for tires. When selecting a wheel cleaner, remember to consider how viscous it is. The thicker it is the better because it will not run off before you begin cleaning the wheel.

Scrub thoroughly

Once you have applied the cleaner, use the brush to remove all the dirt and debris. You may consider using several brush sizes for different areas of the wheel. You may need to continuously rinse the brush and reapply the cleaner particularly when there is tough debris to be removed.

Use the sponge

After using the brush, you can now use the sponge to remove dirt and brake dust in areas that they brush could not reach. Rinse the brush frequently and as needed to ensure that the wheel is cleaned properly.


Cleaning the wheels before plasti dip

Cleaning the wheels before plasti dip

Rinse the wheel properly. The shower head on the hose will not prove to be very useful. Pressurized water will remove all the dirt and soap that might remain on the wheel.

Rinsing is a critical part of this process because it will allow you to see which areas were not cleaned properly. It will also be helpful for the removal of dirt and chemicals that may remain on the wheel.

PH neutralization

You may also need to use a PH neutralizer. This will prepare the wheel for the plasti dipping process. A PH neutralizer removes all the chemicals that may still be on the wheel even after rinsing.

Tire removal

At this point, you might want to remove all the tires from the wheel. This will allow the plasti dip to go into areas that it would not have reached with the wheel on.


It is always important to ensure that the wheel is completely dry before beginning the plasti dip process. Leave the wheel under the sun for a few hours to ensure it is completely dry.


Your car’s wheels are the life of your car. They are also among the first things people notice when they look at your car. You, therefore, need to keep them looking great at all times.

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