HOT! 7 Best Portable Air Compressors For Car & Truck Tires On The Market

There are many reasons why you should always have the best portable air compressor for truck tires or at least good tire inflator in your car all the time. Save from the obvious reason that it is a comfortable gadget as opposed to driving into a gas station to inflate your tires or check the pressure.

Best tire inflator for truck tires

Best tire inflator for truck tires

Having an accurate factory setting pressure in your tires allows you to sufficiently make use of the mileage. However, they will generally lose pressure as a result of heating and cooling as you drive. On top of that, modern tires come with the perennial problem of deflating. You may park your vehicle with seemingly decent tires only to find them flat the next morning.

In such a situation, the easiest option is to use the spare tire or fill the flat tire. If you are lucky enough to escape a puncture then thank the gods of good luck. However, you can bypass that tiresome process by purchasing your own portable air compressor.

Truck tire inflators comparison chart

Difference Between Air Compressors for Small Cars and Truck Tires Compressors

Basically, there are no fundamental differences between the two as they perform and operate from the same concept. However, the only difference comes in when comparing the PSI, CFM, and other capability parameters. For small tires inflation, a small compressor with less than 1 CFM works pretty well even when inflating completely deflated tires.

Checking tire pressure on a big truck

Checking tire pressure on a big truck

On the other hand, truck tires may require a relatively big and heavy-duty air compressor. Ideally, the best portable air compressor should be able to deliver at least 1 – 2 CFM to inflate the large truck tires. Lastly, it should also come fitted with a large capacity storage tank to hold the pressurized air.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Portable Air Compressor

Portable air compressors are useful whether you are working at home, garage, or even office environment. However, although essential, getting the perfect match can be a nightmare. This is because there are multiple manufacturers producing different units with different specifications.

Below we have compiled a few factors to bear in mind when sourcing for the best air compressor for pumping tires.


Right of the bat, the size and type of compressor you choose to buy is pegged on how deep you are willing to dig into your wallet. However, at this point, we would love to put out a large caveat. Most people tend to associate expensive with quality which isn’t always correct. Never settle for a compressor just because it comes with a steep price tag. Instead, you should buy the one that handles whatever your needs.

If you are looking to power small tires look for the one that can seamlessly handle that. If you are looking to pump large tires, you need an equally large device with a good air flow and long hose to allow you to do that.

The Use

Another great pointer when buying a compressor is by knowing what you will be using it for. If you are using it for industrial purposes, choose the one with features that gives you the flexibility to handle challenging tire inflation. As such, choose the one with more horsepower, more PSI, and other heavy-duty features. For a home use compressor, a small and portable unit is a perfect match.


The specs of a unit you buy are a crucial factor when buying the best air compressor. Always remember, that a unit with high horsepower rating translates into more air pressure being generated. As such, if you are looking for a commercially oriented compressor, you need to setter for a unit that sports a larger reservoir as it will allow you to operate for extended periods and vice versa. However, always consider the storage space as an overly large compressor may need an equally large storage space.


When we talk about portability, there are two types of air compressors:

Stationary VS Portable Truck Air Compressors

Stationary VS Portable Truck Air Compressors

Stationary: These types of compressors are more commercially oriented as they cannot be shifted from one location to another given the large size. However, they can juice you for longer as they have more horsepower. Needless to say, they also can work for an extended period of time.

Portable: As the name suggests, they can be moved from one location to another. They give you the flexibility to carry them whenever and wherever you are working from without much difficulty.

More often, the portable compressors come in handy while handling relatively simple tasks since they are less powerful.

Power Supply

We can veer from highlighting this essential aspect of a compressor as it’s what determines how useful your unit can be.


Truck air compressor with cigarette lighter power supply

Air compressor with cigarette lighter power supply

Whether you are buying the cheapest or the most expensive compressor, powering it in areas with no electricity can be a headache.


24V Truck compressor with accumulator clamps

24V Truck compressor with accumulator clamps

However, the modern compressors come in different variations as there are those that are powered using the 12V, 24V current using special plugs while others are powered by cigarette lighter plug.

The ideal air compressor for your truck should have both types of power supply.

The Best Portable Air Compressors For Trucks. (incl. 2018 updates)

GRANDTAU Mini Portable Tire Inflator

#1The GRANDTAU Mini Portable Tire Inflator is among the best buys in the market. it earns the spot for its versatility. This standard tire inflator inflates modern standard sized tires within 6 minutes which is a heavenly inflating speed. Additionally, it has a maximum pressure of approximately 15 Psi which makes it one of the most powerful inflators on the market.

The magic does not stop there as it can inflate motorcycles, bikes, Sports Utility Vehicles, and 12V cars.
While using the inflator, you don’t have to slave looking for an external power source. For a vehicle with a cigarette lighter, you simply need to plug and you are good to go. It has a working voltage and 10Amps of Operating temperature which explains why it simply earns the number one spot in our review.


  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Excellent inflating speed
  • Plugs directly into the cigarette lighter
  • Portable size


  • The power connector can malfunction

The easy to read display makes the inflator easy and convenient to use. It comes with 4 display units which include; BAR, KPA, PSI, AND KG. This compounded by a detailed manual instruction one year worth of warranty from the manufacturer makes the gadget worth its salt. It is one of the best small air compressors for cars on Amazon.

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ARB (CKMP12) 12V High-Performance Portable Air Compressor Ideal  For Small Trucks

#2When making an investment in such an important vehicle accessory, durability is probably one of the things you should consider. The ARB (CKMP12) is housed in a carry case that makes it safe and secure. The case also injects a dose of portability in the equation.

The product is dust and moisture resistant so you don’t have to worry when these elements come into play while using this accessory.

It also comes fitted with carbon fibre piston seal which reduces friction. This indemnified by a flow rate of 2.65 PSI under no load make the ARB one of the most powerful in the market. The long air hose ensures that you can inflate your tires or other camping gear from as far as 19 feet.


  • Comes with a quick connect clip
  • Accurate gauge reading
  • Excellent inflating


  • Braided hose that impinges reading the gauge

If you still do not know what compressor to buy –

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GOOLOO 300PSI Tire Inflator

#3GOOLOO have always been the standard for quality. In respect to this if there is any manufacturer who can build a tire inflator that will serve and slave years it is them.

There are many attributes to be admired about the GOOLOO 300psi inflator but the most outstanding one is the snappy nature of the gadget in inflating.

It has a maximum pressure of 300 PSI and can inflate your tires at a jaw-dropping 8 minutes. And when we talk about the tires, it doesn’t matter what type of tires. Whether it’s the bikes, motorcycle, Trucks, RUV, or even SUV the inflator will come in handy. You can even use it in inflating sporting facilities like the bouncing castle for your kids.


  • Neat packaging
  • In built pressure gauge
  • Fast inflation rate


  • Nothing much
This product also comes fitted with an inbuilt air pressure gauge which makes it certain that you don’t exceed the recommended tire pressure.That notwithstanding, the power cord connects to the cigarette outlet and incorporates 3 nozzle adapters.

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Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit – The Best Choice For Trucks

#4There are plenty of choices on the market today from which you can choose from when it comes to tire inflators. However, we can’t wrap up our review without mentioning Viair 4047 400P-RV air inflator. It the closest you will come to owning a commercial inflator as it is among the best portable air compressors for truck tires.

The gadget has a 150PSI Max Working Pressure and a 2.3CFM Free Flow which makes it one of the best in the market. Important to note however is the fact that in order to use this machine, the engine of your car must be running.

To ascertain its position as one of the most professional tire inflators in the market, the gadget is designed in a way that it can be hooked next to the battery. It also incorporates a set of clamps which firmly fit the power cables. Furthermore, the cables are long enough to run the full length of your vehicle and beyond.


  • Easy to store
  • Inflates quickly
  • Versatile


  • Steep price tag

Implicitly we have said almost everything about this inflator but nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning it comes with 3 different adapters that make it easier to inflate almost anything including balls and even bicycles.  So,  if you are in need of a small compressor, you may buy this one, or (what is better) read this review of the best buy electric bicycle pumps.

The design is quite basic which improves portability and also has an LED power indicator that indicates whether it is properly plugged.

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JACO SmartPro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

#5In the world of instant gratification the Jaco Smart Digital tire inflatoris your best companion. It comes with a preset unit that allows you to set the desired pressure that you need and you are good to go. This unit switches off once the desired level is reached. It inflates up to 45 PSI for standard tires and up to 100PSI for the bike tires.

When stuck at night in the middle of nowhere, worry not as it comes with LCD display that illuminates at night. That notwithstanding, it has an impressive 24 inches air hose that has a twisted nozzle that securely seals the valve in the course of inflation meaning you don’t have to slave holding it onto the valve. The 2 adapters take the versatility of this product a notch higher as it can inflate mattresses and even softballs.


  • Highly proficient, lightweight, and compact tire inflator
  • Bright LED light
  • Manufactured using top quality components.


  • May not work as expected

The long reach power cord stretches a record 10 inches which makes all the tires easily accessible and can plug into any power output with a 12 Volt DC.

The manufacturer truly believes in their product as they also promise a 12 month warranty and a no question money back guarantee.

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Slime 40033 12V Tire Inflator

#6 The Slime 40033 is the real deal and one of the best dual chargeable models on the market. For starters, it can be directly plugged into a wall socket using a power cord or powered using the cigarette lighter outlet. Even better, it comes with a rechargeable battery which means no downtime even when operating it off the grid.

Although it features a 6 feet long power cord, the unit can work cordlessly if you loathe having to deal with a messy working space. Plus, the unit sports color indicators to instantly alarm you on when to act.

All in all, it’s lightweight, durable, and versatile.


  • Portable
  • Multiple power sources
  • Easy to read gauge


  • Short power cord
  • May be not always in stock

If you are tired of using junky compressors that is super loud, Slime Rechargeable Tire Inflator (40033) will definitely match your needs

It’s small enough to fit on your trunk or behind a truck’s back seat and powerful enough to solve your tire inflation in a snap. As an added bonus, it’s among the quietest compressors on the market today.

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Tcsia Portable Air Compressor

#7 This serious kit for emergency tire punctures is one to be admired. It’s powerful enough to deliver up to 35 liters of air in a single minute which is relatively good for any truck tire. The long power and air hose cords give you the freedom to maneuver around the car to easily reach all tires.

Working in pitch dark environments shouldn’t bother you as the Tcsia Portable Air Compressor comes fitted with a large backlit LCD screen which makes your work easier.

If you love to multi-task, then you know that policing tire inflation can be time-consuming. You will appreciate the preset pressure function which is further indemnified by the auto shut off when the machine finishes inflating the tires.


  • 12V cigarette powered
  • Extended cable


  • Missing plug-in option

This unit brings much more than sitting in the trunk waiting for an emergency puncture. It’s versatile, powerful, and will work in almost every environment.

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Editor’s choice -of the best portable air compressor for trucks – Viair 40047 400P-RV

Overall the Viair 40047 400P-RV emerges as the best choice. If you are looking for an air compressor under $300 then this is your definite match. It comes with wide range of admirable features like the alligator clamps which makes it easier to power it directly from your battery car, an exhilarating 150PSI Max Working Pressure, and an easy to read gauge. Additionally, it is lightweight which makes portability your greatest ally which makes it our editors best choice.

As a conclusion

If you have ever been stuck in the dark or a secluded forest as a result of a flat tire, you probably know the essence of having the right tools to indemnify you so that you don’t have to call your insurance or a towing company to come and rescue you. With the best portable tire inflator, not only can you inflate within seconds, but also you can pump other things like balls for your kids or even a bouncing castle. You can read one more review to find what compressor will fit you for off-road driving.
We hope you loved our review and we wouldn’t mind you spreading the gospel by sharing this article.

Updated: Some models of compressors from this review are considered to be top rated bestsellers that can be found on If you are not decided yet what will fit you the best – read this article first!


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