5 Best Buy 12V Portable Air Compressors For Off Road Use. 2018 UPDATED

There is a protracted range of air compressors on the market today. Most of them mainly try to zero in on your needs. If you own a bicycle or a car, a 12-volt air compressor might just do you justice. It could mean saving you from a road trip without a mechanic shop in sight or not being so fortunate.

5 best off road compressors

5 best off road compressors

These gadgets come in handy in a wide range of tasks. Be it bicycle tires or your kids bouncing castle it will definitely indemnify you. However, the single most emphatic role is saving you from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Although these gadgets are probably the greatest invention in the automobile industry, they haven’t come with a fair share of controversies like the noise that emanates from them in the course of executing their task.With that said and done, the cons by far outweigh the pros.

For this reason, we have decided to compile a list of the 5 Best 12V Air Compressors for Off Road use which we hope will give you an upper hand over other car owners.

The Best Off-Road Compressors Comparison Chart

#1 Viair 00088 88P – An Ideal Portable Air Compressor For Off Roading

For the keen car owners, even the slightest research for the best air compressor kit will lead you to Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor. This gadget is a must have when it comes to inflating tires, toys or even mattresses when you have those unexpected visitors.

The gadget boasts of unique amazing features like the 1.94 CFM free flow at 0 PSI. Additionally, the alligator clamps that are connected to its battery and a working pressure engine capable of reaching 12 volts underwrite the overall functionality.

Tried and tested by the manufacturer, this gadget successfully breaks the engineering tests and barrier. For 33 inches tires, the Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor will take approximately 10 minutes to successfully inflate them. This is made possible by the two unyielding battery compressors making inflating a snappy affair.

Basing on the under $100 best buys this amazing compressor definitely come on top. Many customers who have purchased this product find nothing negative issues with this gadget making it a wonderful accessory to have on your car. It is accurate, lightweight and astoundingly powerful. 


  • Astronomical working pressure
  • 4 CFM free flow
  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Long air horse

  • Longetivity of the air pressure has been questioned

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BROUTECH 12DCA is a packed together powerful air compressor. The cost effectiveness of this compressor is to be admired as it gives an admirable high volume output of 3.2 CFM free flow at 0 PSI. For the extra large tires it has a maximum output of 150 PSI which is a great combo for off road tires. This does not come at a hustle as you can simply doing this by plugging it into you cigarette lighter port.

The progress of the pressure can simply be monitored without any problem on the display. While the large clamps which are capable of delivering up to 50 Amp coupled with smart sensors makes this gadget a musty have for your off road trip.
It is also worth mentioning the compact anti –vibration tray that is made from sturdy aluminum. This ensures that the gadget can accommodate up to 12-14.8 volts for that extra boost on performance, together with the oil free cylinder makes this a good match for any off road enthusiasts.

Overall, this product is a best buy decision when it comes to inflating your tires particularly for off roading.


  • High volume output of 90L/Medium
  • Oil free
  • Battery clamps that aid in plugging to the car battery
  • Smart sensor

  • Some people have complained that the fuse blew

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#3 Roypow I50 12V

Roypow I50 12V will be one of the best travel companions for any SUV proprietors seeking that off-road adventure. Its rapid inflation can inflate 195/65R15 tires within three minutes making it one of the potent air compressors on the market.

This is compounded by an intelligent preset function that “keeps an eye” on the pressure levels as you concentrate on other things. Once the inflator reaches the preset level it will automatically go off.

The magic does not stop there as it has a unique detachable gauge which can disengage from the inflator to check the pressure autonomously.
Owing to the uniqueness of Roypow, for illumination purposes it has 3 in-built light modes. These bright LED lights mean that you can use the inflator even at night.

To take the notch higher, the versatility of the inflator is unquestionable. It has 3 unique nozzles which make it possible to inflate scooter tires, lawnmowers, motorcycle and even trucks.


    • Preset function which allows you to preset the air pressure you require
    • Detachable tire gauge
    • Versatile
    • Rapid inflation in approximately 3 minutes

  • It can leak the air

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#4 EPAuto

If you want to know the gratification that comes with knowing that you can inflate your tires at a moment notice then the EPAuto air  compressor is your ultimate match.
This gadget plugs unswervingly into the cigarette lighter and can inflate large tires of up to 33- inches.

Many have indicated that they find it compact but we would never recommend anything short of excellent. It can perfectly fit into your trunk which comes as an advantage for those long trips into the untouched areas. Additionally, it is a powerful machine that inflates without any hitches up to

If you want the comfort of knowing you can inflate your car tire at a moment’s notice then the EPAuto is for you. When you are out and about this compressor stanchly plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car and is powerful enough to inflate tires up to 33 inches. Despite its very solid dimension – it will fit neatly into the boot of your car – it will inflate comfortably up to 100 PSI.

It comes with 12V mains supply so it can come in handy even at home. However, if you have HT, LT or truck tire, then you may want to reconsider this tire inflator as it does not support that. That notwithstanding you can inflate your mattress for those unannounced guests and the inflator will save you time from manning it as it has an auto shut off when it reaches the preset pressure. Due to it’s light weight this unit is an excellent choice for mountain bike and small car owners during their off-road adventures.

In cases of overheats, the automatic override will shut it off respectively.


    • Plugs straight from the lighter socket
    • Easy to read display
    • Comes with an auto shut off

  • The compressor does not support big truck tires

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#5 Air Armor M240 – The perfect winner!

If you are looking for under $200 a tire compressor that works flawlessly the Air Armor M240 has many outstanding features to take pride of. In less than five minutes, the compressor has the ability to inflate 35 –inches tires from 0-35 PSI which earns it a spot in the tables of men.

This is reinforced by an excellent flow rate of approximately 2.11 cubic feet per minute. This particular attribute should be compelling reasons to atleast ponder about this gadget.

To protect the pump from getting any damages, the tire compressor comes with an in-built over pressure bleed valve to ensure that your investment is properly taken care of.

If your vehicle have a wide wheel base, relax the manufacturer have you in mind. The 25 inches air hose will easily reach all the tires so you don’t have to keep on shifting the machine from one wheel to the other.


    • Outstanding inflation rate
    • Valve that prevents damage
    • Long horse that reaches all the tires

  • Nothing much

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In conclusion

With the above knowledge about the 5 best buys 12V compressors, you should not fret in taking that off-road trip to Utah as long as you have the compressor in your trunk. The best portable air compressor for off road will keep you smiling for eternity. For it’s outstandingcharacteristicss easyazon_link identifier=”B00VROSSKM” locale=”US” tag=”rimsndtires03-20″]Air Armor M240[/easyazon_link] was given a title of the winner in the very specialized category – best buy 12V portable air compressor for off-road use.


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